Long story short, 6 mo old has been co sleeping with us for about 4 months, dr said it's time to transition him into crib. He used to do fine for naps in crib during the day, now that's not happening and he wakes up every time I attempt to put him down! Suggestions on what's worked for you and your LO?

Nikki R 1 like

My son would fall asleep on me as I rocked him & when I attempted to put him down, he would grab for me in his sleep & if he couldn't find me then he'd wake up lol! But I started wearing a lightweight jacket so that it would get my scent & I had to use my jacket as his blanket. That worked wonders for him!! It even helped soothe him when I went back to work. Also, not sure if you do this, but make sure he's in a good, deep sleep before putting him down. That way he'll most likely stay sleep

Perfectly M 2 likes

Doctors don't know everything. And if they sleep with you past six months they won't be in your bed until three years. Do it if YOU feel it is really necessary. Not because a doctor said so. They don't always have the right answers.

Perfectly M 0 likes

What's worked for me and my baby is sleeping in the same bed. 18 months and counting. 😉

Jordan C 1 like

Your doctor has no say in when its time to transition your child to their crib. You do what's comfortable for you and baby.

Dipti 0 likes

We do co sleep . My baby is 10 month old . And now I don't have to rock him too . He grabs me and sleep . We love to cosleeep

Wendy 0 likes

Try a bedside sleeper and put a blanket in there with your scent

Rijvana P 0 likes

I'm co-sleeping with my baby and wouldn't change that even if his doctor tells me to.

Amy M 0 likes

I don't co sleep every night but my 12 week old won't sleep in his crib or pack n play- he startles when we put him down. Sometimes he will sleep there if he's swaddled but I have found that he naps well in his swing or mamaRoo and sleeps well in the rock n play. I think the incline and shape make him feel cradled versus just laying flat in open space. Do what works for you but if you want to transition maybe consider the rock n play first. Good luck!

Mr. And Mrs. C 0 likes

Let him sleep wrapped in your shirt or something with your scent on it. Mamas scent comforts baby

Emma 0 likes

We co slept until 10 months. He transferred well. I say you do what is best for you and baby.

Colleen S 0 likes

Continue to co-sleep. It's your kid. Stop letting a dr put your kid with everyone else's. We all need to stop listening to drs and just assume it's the best choice for our families. Not every baby or family is the same.

Jessica R 0 likes

My son slept with till 4 months(I still stick him with me once my hubby goes to work,he's almost 6 months) his crib was in another room and I could maybe get him in there one night a week, well because of financial issues we moved in with my inlaws and we're all in one room with his crib next to us, he's slept in it every night without a complaint. I figure he felt put out in a different room so try moving the crib in your room

Amanda M 0 likes

I am not ready for my 2month baby to sleep in his own room and don't think I'll be ready for a very long time so we have the crib next to our bed. I wrap him up so his arms do not move around but leave it loose on the bottom so his legs can move. I put him on our bed first or rock him in my arms and once he falls asleep I lay him in the crib and he stays asleep :)

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