LO just turned 1 month Monday and likes to fight her sleep. Anybody else have the same problem?? 😥

Yusimi V 1 like

Me. 🙋🏻‍♀️ my son really fights his sleep. I can't even swaddle him unless he’s almost asleep because if not he’ll start trying to get out of it and get angry. However, when I do it right before he falls asleep, he just succumbs to it haha. I also touch very lightly his forehead and shush loudly in his ear. Those are the only ways he falls asleep.

Lenns Mommy H 1 like

Mine did. Any toy that lights up or plays music helped a lot!

T B 1 like

The white noise & lights on my daughter’s rock n play helped her a lot.

T B 1 like

I did white noise almost every time she was ready to nap & at bedtime. She has an older brother and sister that were loud during her naps so I would put her in the bedroom with the white noise to drown out all the loud noise. Now we all sleep with a fan on low for the sound.

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