LO is 2 months old, his dad and I broke up last July and ever since I told him I was pregnant he abandoned me and I haven't even talked to him since nov. it's been extremely hard doing every thing completely alone and never having time to myself anymore because I'm either with my son or at work. Nights like tonight make me feel like a bad mom because I'm frustrated my son won't sleep and not having anyone to help specially when I work tomorrow /: I try to not complain but it's hard sometimes ):

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Sorry you are going through this but I am glad that you are doing your best for you and your son! Shame on his dad for not taking responsibility!

Emily E 0 likes

Yeah. I've found out a lot about his dad in the past couple months. He already has one daughter (4 years old). He was paying for an abortion with a girl he was cheating on me with but told me at the time got pregnant before me, then I got pregnant. Then about to weeks ago I found out he has another daughter who is six months old.... I have a hearing for child support on the 21st and I haven't seen or talked to him since November /:

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Sometimes just venting about it may relieve some nerves ( def doesn't make up for the no sleep ) is there anyone, family/friends, to maybe help out here and there to give you a break? Im sorry you have to go through this! #whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoustronger This should make you that much stronger (emotionally, physically ) #prayersyourway

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I've tried venting about it to friends and family but they basically say just get over it or move on. It's not that simple and they don't realize that. And I don't really have much family at all and I've lost most of my friends since having a baby and the ones I do have are busy or don't want to watch a baby....

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your a tuff mama hang in there !

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Sort of same boat

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I got lied to by the guy and didn't know he was married and as soon as he found out I was pregnant he disappeared never talked to me again, I was 19 at the time now 20, I always swore I would have a family just like my parents, married for 20 years and so close that's the only example of parenting I've seen all my life and now I'm a single mother.. I could not accept this reality I planned adoption my whole pregnancy, it was going to be open and my baby would live in the same city

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I just wanted my son to have a dad since I couldn't picture my life without my dad, but my mom stopped talking to me completely she was against adoption, I was very lonely and started getting depressed my whole family turned their back on me they did not understand my reason for adoption and thought I didn't love my baby but 3 weeks ago i started having nightmares of my baby gone and my moms silnce was getting to me, I finally told everyone I was no longer placing my son for adoption and i

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Started feeling happy again my mom was talking to me and I was getting to keep my baby, I love my baby so much I'm due in less than a week now but lately I've been crying a lot just thinking my son won't have a dad and I won't have a family of my own... I don't know what the future holds but I feel like I won't ever have a husband and it will only be me and my son.. However I'm grateful I have my parents and I won't feel so lonely as long as I have them

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