Lice question! A friend of mine has lice and has had it for a while and has done multiple box treatments for it but can't seem to get rid of them! Anyone have any tricks? Trying to find something before she just shaves her head

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Mayonnaise is what my mom always did.

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Coconut oil!

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Tea tree oil

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I've never had lice, but I know somebody who did. They used mayo treatment, also you can use hair dye to try and kill them. It has to have ammonia in it. Make sure she is actually going through her hair daily and picking them out, not just using treatment. She has to pick them out and pinch it till they pop. If she just uses the treatments without going through, the survivors will just lay more eggs.

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Try looking on PINTREST

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Mayo overnight. But u have to pick nits daily. The comb isnt enuf. And treat the whole house, clothes,brushes, the car. And do this each time u treat

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You also have to wash all of your sheets, Lysol the house etc. you have to clean up anything she was around and touching, not just the head

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My daughter had it about 3 months ago... It was so gross!! But, it took a few treatments (she has curly hair and it's hard to go through) I would blow dry her hair after she washed the treatment out and the start from the back of the head up and straighten it. (The heat would kill the eggs/nits) and go through each section to comb out the nits (very very small sections) also .... You can see the nits best in sunlight! I've heard hair dye is just a myth. Hope this helps!! Nasty little buggers!!

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It took 4 hours to go through her hair each time and took 4 treatments to fully get rid of them 😁

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Anything that can't be washed in super hot water needs to be put in trash bags, tied up tight and put away for a week at least. Gotta use a good nit comb to get all the eggs clinging to the hair follicles. And thoroughly vacuum EVERYTHING that doesn't fit in a bag or the washer. Any treatment will kill the adult lice but nothing will kill the eggs or dislodge them other then combing them out.

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Lice is a pain! You have to wash absolutely everything and bag up everything. Blankets pillows stuffed animals carpets rugs brushes ect. and animals can carry it if it's been awhile. Good luck!!!

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Put a dogs flea collar in the vacuum so that it will help to kill any bugs that get sucked up in there and bag up all toys and things that can't be washed for a couple of weeks. She can call and get a prescription strength lice treatment from the pedi too. But you HAVE to treat the environment too or there's no point. I would even wash the pets because the lice can use them to move around. (They won't feed off the pets because lice is species specific). Tell her good luck!!!

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My friend went through that with her kids, she ended up throwing away all the pillows, stuffed animals and hair brushes and taking all the bedding and clothes to the laundry mat and hiring a pro to clean the carpets and mattresses

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Lice are like fleas. You can't just treat the hair you have to treat everything. Bed sheets included.

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My oldest daughter had it twice! I sat under a spot light (lamp) and used oil and combed it out honestly for hours on end!!! It takes a lot of work, just have to keep combing out the sections one strand at a time!!

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Tea tree oil

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The most important thing is combing!!!! Regardless of the treatment if you don't comb the lice and nits out It wont work. The metal comb is best and RID treatment was the treatment that actually worked in my sons (decently long) hair. The nix treatment, mayo, olive oil , tea tree didn't work for us.

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Make sure to wash everything in hot water( pillows, sheets, etc) and also put stuffed toys in sealed bags for about 14 days. Use tea tree oil and mayonnaise on hair and get a lice comb and tape to capture the little guys.

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Straighten hair- I've heard the heat kills them off!

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Lice really like clean hair. So keep up the combing but don't wash hair for a long time

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I work at A lice treatment center you need any regular conditioner nothing works to kill it you have to comb and comb because if you leave an egg behind it will continue get a good metal lice comb and combing in four different directions of the hair every section u pick up will resemble a square so comb all four sides of the square see if you have a local removal service in your area there are people who do this as a job

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