Any mamas out there ever have to deal with a lice outbreak at their kids school? My daughter brought it home after years of being lucky and never catching it from the other students. It looks like it can be so expensive for store treatments that I hear may not even work and for a service to come to my home and take care of it it's like $100 an hour and it's not guaranteed you will only need 1 visit? 😒 anyone have anything they found successful in treating??? Thanks.

Maranda C 3 likes

My cousins had it and they used vinegar.. It smells bad but it kills them also if you put mouth wash in their hair it turns the eggs blue so you can see them easier.. Hope this helps

DJ's M 0 likes

When we were little my mom used dog shampoo sounds weird but it worked every time.

Ambar M 0 likes

You can buy the Lice treatment at CVS.

Dee 1 like

Nix works make sure you et a metal comb. My niece brought it home and gave it to my 2 year old. It was horrible. I did 3 treatments it comes with two at a time and haven't had any issues since.

Mel E 2 likes

Be sure to remember to wash linens, stuffed animals, pillows blankets, etc... Super hot water and dry on highest setting

Amanda B 1 like

My son got it when my DD was only 6mo old- it was awful! We spent a ton of money on stuff- but the easiest way to take care of linens, stuffed animals & clothing is to put everything in the dryer on high for at least 45 min- the high heat kills them (i forget the actual temp), and with stuffed animals you can put them in the black garbage bags and store for at least two weeks, this will suffocate and kill them. We treated DD just in case -with olive oil on her scalp since she was too young.

Crystal Q 1 like

Tea tree oil is a god send! If you have a beauty supply store nearby you can get the tea tree oil repels lice. As far as treatment goes, we would buy the store treatments for my SD & then coat her head in a mayo/vinegar mix & have her sleep in overnight before washing it out in the morning.

SquishyMommy1 1 like

We used Natroba. It's a script. Kills lice and their eggs dead. No nit picking required.

Trish C 0 likes

How much did the natroba cost you?

SquishyMommy1 1 like

Our insurance covered a lot of it. I believe the co-pay was $40? I know without insurance it's like $280 per bottle out of pocket.

Trish C 0 likes

How big is the bottle? Is it one treatment per bottle?

Trish C 0 likes

And thank you for answering my questions :)

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