what's the youngest age babysitter/nanny you would hire and why? and what age is you child(ren)?

Jordan C 5 likes

I probably wouldn't hire a babysitter younger than the age of 21 unless it was one of my family member or they were a mother themselves. My daughter is 11.5 months. I wouldn't hire a random babysitter though, it would have to be someone I knew.

BoyMom 2 likes

It depends on the person. There's a girl at my church that when she was 15 I would have happily left my son with her. She's 19 now and if she's not in the nursery at church I don't like to leave my LO with anyone else (he's 13mo)

Kierstyn H 1 like

huh. I just find it interesting seeing other people's views in order to help me gain perspective.😊

Skylar K 1 like

I started babysitting alone when I was 13. I was very responsible and LOVED it! I would watch a 6 month old and 2 1/2yr old at that age. But when I look back I think it's pretty crazy how young I was lol idk if I would trust a 13yr old with my girls but I'll tell you I never would've given a thought to harm those kids and genuinely enjoyed watching them. I still watch them now 6yrs later :) but I would say a reasonable age is probably like 16.

B F 1 like

I had one of my MIL's friend watch her (she's a nurse) when my husband and I went to Vegas. But besides her, I just have family watch her. My daughter is 2 now and was 7 months when we went to Vegas. But no one else is allowed to watch her.

Elizabeth 1 like

We hired our babysitter when she was 19, she just turned 20 and has been working for us for 3 months. I was a bit hesitant but she previously babysat the infant of a pediatrician in our Dr's office full time until she went back to school. I decided if a pediatrician could trust her, then I could too. πŸ˜„

Baby N 0 likes

We hired ours from Care.com, we were very picky and eventually found this awesome 44y/o lady, she was a preschool teacher until she had her 2 boys and was a SAHM and they were going off to college and wanted a baby to love, she's awesome

Julia : 0 likes

I used to babysit my cousins when I was 14 but it was always for just a couple of hours. I kept them over weekends when I was on break from college. I don't think I could just randomly hire someone to keep my daughter. I would have to know them first. Age isn't necessarily my deciding factor. But youngest I would go would be 14 or 15 but again it would all depend on maturity & experience. Maybe have them come over & watch the kids while you clean and organize the house first so you can supervise

Mandy A 0 likes

I started babysitting when I was 12. I think I'd trust people (that I know of course) at that age also. But not until my baby is about one. Right now my mom, sister, and family friend watch her. I feel like some people are way too sensitive about things now, most if our parents let you get people watch us, and we're just fine!(: ☺️

Shannon H 0 likes

I think babies are different than kids. I nannied when I was 19 for a family with a 4 and 6 year old. I wouldn't trust someone that young with an infant though just because parenting differs so much with young ones and how someone responds to their needs.

Connie L 0 likes

I am a day care provider. I became one to stay at home and watch grandchildren. Unless u know them I would not hire anyone under the age of 21. Make sure u do a FBI check. Also make sure u get references. It really will make a difference.

Tay B 0 likes

Only a family member who I know has a lot of patience and who I trust. Must be an adult if watching my infant. My kids are 3 months old and 2 years old.

Dee 0 likes

Be extremely careful! Nanny cams! I don't even trust some family to watch ours.

Kierstyn H 0 likes

I always watched kids of family friends when I was like 8 or 9 for a half an hour or so when mom was out back or whatever but I didn't really start doing it professionally until I was 13. I watched a 7 yr boy and 9 yr girl for one family and 5, 7, and 9 year old boys for another. now I'm 15 and I watch a 17-month old 38 hours a week. I was hired on care.com as well but because I'm under 18 I couldn't tell them my real age because of legal reasons so they just know I'm under 18 lol

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