How long should you wash baby clothes with dreft or other laundry detergent like free n clear?

A C 3 likes

I never did it. It's only needed if your child has a reaction.

Jordan C 1 like

We used Tide from the very beginning, we never used any special detergent for babies. My daughter never had any issues.


Some babies aren't bothered my regular detergent . However my LO has eczema and all free and clear is my favorite.

Mel Marie 1 like

I did it for a year

Jules L 0 likes

I love baby all.... It smells good and it's less expensive than Dreft

Kayla M 0 likes

I just now have cleaned my child's blankets with Tide. She will be 1 on the 20th. And she has not had a bad reaction. I'd suspect after 4 months, your LO is okay.

Creative M 1 like

I use Dreft, and will probably for a long time, my little guy has sensitive skin, and I prefer to keep the dyes and perfumed detergents out of the equation. 😉

Nicole M 1 like

My LO is 5 weeks and I have been slowly mixing in his cloths with our cloths so I can catch any reactions right away. And not have to rewash all his cloths.

Maj E 0 likes

I used Dreft for a whole two years w/ my first. By the time my second one was born I had switched to All free & clear. I now make my own detergent & haven't had any problems.

Lauren P 0 likes

I used a variety of detergents since day 1 and my daughters never had a bad reaction. It's only necessary if your baby does have sensitive skin.

Becky B 0 likes

Thanks ladies. I think when this bottle of detergent runs out I'll try with the regular tide that I normally use. I miss the smell of clean clothes lol!

Kamilla 0 likes

Im using Eco friendly and fragrance free detergent

Jenn S 0 likes

It's recommended to use easy detergents on baby clothes but I never did. My kids didn't have any reactions to it.

KV W 0 likes

Yup regular detergent until she showed me a reaction. No sense in spending money for something that you don't even need.

Stacey C 0 likes

I did for about six months I think as long as your LO hasn't shown signs of sensitive skin you should be fine to switch. Maybe wash a few things to make sure it won't bother LO first like a blanket or a few cuddle toys.

Melanie L 0 likes

I use the same detergent as I do for us, but he does get his own load.

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