ladies did u all wash your baby clothes prior to putting them on ur baby??? a lot if people I know never did but I heard should. just wondering what ur experiences were

Katie 0 likes

I wash everything before putting it on my baby...even hand me downs!!

Laikynn's M 3 likes

You don't know who touched the clothes before you bought them. Gross. Also they put chemicals on the clothes to make them have an ironed appearance. I've also heard of someone working at a clothes factory and there's mouse poop in some of the boxes

Maria P 0 likes

Yes always

Michelle 2 likes

When my daughter was a newborn I washed all her clothes prior to her wearing it unless she was taking pictures in a outfit then i wouldn't wash it but I think it's best to wash clothes prior to them wearing when their newborn

Rissa L 0 likes

I washed anything that would come in contact with my daughter

Happy M 1 like

I didn't once in a pinch when I had no other outfit and stopped at a store. Baby had a rash from the weird chemicals clothes are treated with in the packing process. Definitely wash if you can.

Mama V 0 likes

I always wash them. You just never know who or what touched them before you purchased them!

Dana P 0 likes

I wash all new clothes before they're worn, for baby, me and hubs.

Rosy A 0 likes

I did, I still do. You don't know where those fabrics had been at. But for sure in boxes. Also I wash every toy because he takes everything into his mouth

Mommy Of Two Guys 0 likes

Aways did and always will

Tracy C 0 likes

Absolutely! Never know what they've been through.

JVP 0 likes

Yes!!! Always. Chemicals used on clothes are toxic.

Yessenia O 1 like

thanks just had my shower yesterday and finished unpacking the load of clothes she got. I'll see be washing them with baby dreft. now this might be a dumb ? but did u separate them by color like u do ur normal laundry?? I feel like that will mean several tiny loads lol

Carol M 0 likes

I just do a baby load by itself with all different colours otherwise I'll never get a load haha. But yes I try to always wash them prior to first time use.

Caitlin V 0 likes

Yes, always wash. But as a side note, baby detergent is the EXACT SAME as free and clear detergent. And free and clear is a lot cheaper. And, no, you don't need to separate the colors. Baby won't wear those clothes log enough to mess with that.

mercedes m 0 likes

yeah,I did. my mom put a shirt on her once right from the store and she got a little red rash from it

Faith A 0 likes

I always wash his clothes before he wears them

O & C's M 0 likes

Absolutely. And wash it with detergent that doesn't contain any dyes and one that is scent free. I use Tide Free & Clear.

Yessenia O 0 likes

thanks ladies!

Jami S 0 likes

Yes. I wash everything before I wear it and do the same for my kids.

Yvonne M 0 likes

Wash it before put on any new clothing ...

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