Story time!!! Anyone want to share there labor/birth story's !? Stars for everyone! ⭐️🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟

C L 7 likes

My water had been broken for a few days, and wasn't going into labor so they induced me. Ended up getting uterine spasms and had to get a shot to stop them. Baby was having high heart rates and lack of oxygen so I was put on an oxygen mask. Ended up having a c-section after 6 hours of labor and hell (😜). But a healthy baby boy in the end!

Eryn β 7 likes

Induced at 41 weeks! In labor for 10 hours with 30 minutes of pushing. The only scary thing was his heart rate was dropping after each contraction so if forceps hadn't worked I would have had a csection.

Garcia 6 likes

My labor was 24 hours. 12 of those hours i didnt even know i was in labor. Was walking back and fourth in my tiny apartment. My mom tried making me dance with her to start my labor! Hahaha then at 6 am my water broke ( on my couch ) i was like mom something poped in my butt. Then i stood up and water poured everywhere! I was so scared i was shaking.. As my mom was speeding to the hospital my poor husband was listening to me scream trying to calm me down! Lol didnt work. Then we got to the (cont)

bahama mama 3 likes

Had a PERFECT pregnancy up until maybe 7 months. Ended up in the hospital with a 7mm Kinsey stone, which couldn't be passed because it was to big, couldn't do anything else because I was pregnant. Was in & out of the hospital the last 3 months about every 3 days or so, had to be induced 2 weeks early because the pain was making his blood pressure drop, got to 9 cm dilated then he went breach & ended up having an emergency c-section. Ended up with a beautiful 7 pound little boy. Malachi Corey

Garcia 4 likes

Hospital and i was screaming in pain. I was dialated enough for the epidural. Then shortly later i was ready to push. I pushed for 2 HOURS! Omg it was terrible! But worth it! My beautiful son was born February 1st at 1:56 pm. Greatest day of my life! πŸ˜˜πŸ‘ΆπŸ½β€οΈ

Jennifer H 7 likes

My water broke at 3am and I didn't go in till 7 because it took me awhile to get contractions so I waited for my husband to go open his work an get everything set up for his assistant. I laughed through my contractions until I was 6cm then got an infection 16hrs into labor I got an epidural at 7cm an then my infection got worse baby got it as well 8cm lost all contractions be cuz uterus was exhausted had to have an emergency cesarean then my baby boy was there :)

Kelli M 6 likes

I had prelabor for almost a month. Then three days after my due date I woke up to my water breaking. I took my time getting to the hospital because I assumed I'd have a long labor. As soon as we got to the hospital I was already 8cm and went to 10 in about 30min. I only had a 3hr labor! Then as I was pushing my husband said something that made me laugh and the doctor said if I kept laughing baby would pop out. I laughed for about a minute more and out came my beautiful baby girl! πŸ˜„

Sara M 6 likes

Induced on my due date because I had to have my ob deliver! Water broken at 10:00, pill given at 11, and delivered at 5. All natural! So painful but quick! and obviously so worth it! Had my little pumpkin on Halloween!πŸ’™

Garcia 3 likes

Kelli your are so lucky! I couldn't even look at my SO during labor. I was so mean to him because he kept trying to help me but i thought he was making it worse. I felt so bad after cuz i was so mean to him. Hahaha wish i could've laughed while pushing.

Garcia 4 likes

Aww sara love little holiday birthdays ! My LO was born on Super bowl Sunday. Its not a holiday but if your a Patriot fan like myself i guess you can consider it a holiday! Hahahha πŸ‰πŸ‘ΆπŸ½

Dee 4 likes

Induced labored and emergency c-section with complications then planned c-section went great.

Ethan's M 4 likes

I was in labor from the day before and I had no idea lol (my first time) my water broke at my cousins house all over her kid's bed lol I was in shock because I still had a month to go, I was shaking and called my SO at work he picked me up and we went straight to the hospital a few hours later my LO was born and I kept looking at him like it was a dream because it was so fast

Saleen L 3 likes

Went to the hospital July 5, because my underwear was wet. And the doctor went to check up on me and said everything was fine and I wasn't due for another 2 weeks. Went home around 11 pm. And water broke at 3 am, and came back lol. I had to get a c section because she was breeched :)

Danie M 2 likes

Crazy ones with all of them but with my last baby, I was in the room waiting for my turn for a scheduled c section and I went into labor while waiting

Amanda T 3 likes

My due date was October 7th and the week before I had scheduled my induction for the 9th. Day before I was scheduled for induction I went into labor on my own. I had him October 9th 2013 vaginally.

Henrys M 3 likes

I was induced, they inserted the cytotec pill to soften my cervix but it ended up over stimulating my uterus and I had 1 contraction that lasted 45 minutes so they gave me an injection to stop labor. Then broke my water and started pitocin. 30 hours later had the most beautiful baby boy and I would do it all over again!!!!

Yolanda L 1 like

I was supposed to be induced Aug 26,2014 at 9am. The day before, I went for a long walk came home and layed on the couch while my two pups played. Out of no where my male pup jumped on me causing me pain. I went on the rest of that night. At about 8pm i went to use the restroom and noticed a mucus plug but didnt pay much attention to. Husband arrived at about 9 we ate the i used the restroom again when i notice spotting. At about 12 i could not take the pain so we wnt to the hospital. (Cont.)

Yolanda L 1 like

At about 1am they had me in the labor room at about 4 cm dialated so they started provoking my contractions and asking if i needed the epidural i kept saying no I went natural no matter the pain I had to go through I felt bad for my husband i yelled at him thinking he was making fun of me. I was ready to push at about 8. He arrived 9:45 that day Aug 26,2014 weighing 8lb 1oz. Obe of the best days of my life

Kitty C 2 likes

Induced at 38 weeks over preclampsia 8 hours with no epidural during high contractions 14 hours in labour then baby got into distress had an emergency C section and my son had to be resuscitated then he was transferred to another hospital was in the nicu for 3 weeks and I never got see or hold him till I was released from hospital which was 4 days later doctors said he's lucky to be with us so blessed and lucky to have him xx

Kimberly L 4 likes

Doctors thought I had a tumor (I had 4 pregnancy tests over the previous 6 months that came back negative) so I only knew I was pregnant for 2 days before she was born. The obgyn said I was about 34 weeks give or take a month (it's difficult to tell that late in the pregnancy). The next day I went into labor. When I got to the hospital I was 9 centimeters dilated. A total of 4 hours of labor and 20 minutes of pushing and I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy, full-term baby.

Brooke M 2 likes

Living in OH, hubby and I flew to NE 3 weeks before due date to house hunt. We were moving as soon as possible after baby was born for hubby's job. Given the okay by our doc, baby haven't even dropped. Well, the night we landed my water broke! But I just thought baby dropped and made me pee. Next morning I was ready to look at houses but felt a little crampy. Called my mom n she convinced me to go in and sure enough...labor! Had my dd in NE early but she was healthy and I liked this doc better!

Robyn L 2 likes

Water started leaking early in the morning...had a doctor appt so I went there and my water broke in the office. Went home to meet up with my husband and headed to the hospital (no real contractions). Had to have a Csection because baby was breech and was 5 weeks early. Thankful our baby boy was healthy and only spent a week in the NICU before heading home.

M P 2 likes

I was induced at 38 1/2 weeks due to having insulin dependant GD and developing high blood pressure towards the end (I was on bed rest the last month) they used cervadil and pitocin. I was in labor (no fun with pitocin!) for 26 hours and pushed for an hr and a half. Got put on oxygen and had to have antiobiotics due to being so tired (I had been up for two days straight!) and also developing a fever but delivered a beautiful healthy baby boy! Best day of my life <3

Tonya H 4 likes

We adopted. A friend of ours knew we wanted one and didn't use protection. She basically made a baby for us. We got to be there for the birth. They placed him on my chest the instant he was born. We took him home after 9 long NICU days and the adoption was final in October! We were there from start to finish. I may not have carried him but he is mine as if I did.

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