Just wondering if I should be putting a hat on my baby while she's at home and during the night. At 3 months she doesn't have much hair and our Canadian winters are cold here. I usually don't put one on unless we're going out because she squirms and it falls over her eyes but maybe I should?

Kristy 0 likes

I always used to put one on my dd.....but now at 8.5 months she just pulls it off lol

Mariah B 1 like

If she doesn't want it I wouldn't push the issue unless you see that her head is getting cold.

Stephanie M 2 likes

As long as it's warm in your house she won't need one during the night. You mainly need one when you take her outside due to being cold. I tried making my son wear one at night and he moved to much it just came off. Just make sure it's warm where she is sleeping

Karrine D 3 likes

If the house is warm enough I don't think it would be necessary unless you notice she's really cold. You could risk over heating her if it's too warm inside.

LaDonna W 1 like

At 3 months babies are usually pretty good at regulating their body temperature, however, it depends on how you feel about the temperature in your home.

Kaileia H 1 like

They say not to bc it can over beat them. I guess it depends on how warm your house is

Ellyn P 1 like

I would not. Overheating is much more common and a much higher risk to babies than if their head were to be just the slightest bit chilly which it probably isn't if your home is heated

Alia W 1 like

I was told not to let them sleep with a hat bc it can cause them to overheat.

Stephanie W 1 like

I did for a few weeks bc our house would get cold but now we cosleep and I keep my arm up around his head. When it was super cold I used a space heater on 65 while we slept. I know he's warm under the blankets with me but his ears would get so cold it worried me.

Momma To 2 U 2 likes

I live in Alberta my son was born in the middle of last January. I have never once put a hat on him in the house to sleep in. And last winter was worse than this one we are currently experiencing. Your 3 month old will be okay. Just keep the house around 22 and keep clothes on the rest of the body and if they get fussy check to see if hot or cold and adjust according

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