Just read an article saying its best to start working on the nursery 6 months before your due date. Well I'm 35 weeks and haven't even gotten all of his clothes washed yet!! I still have to wash the baby's clothes, move our furniture into the master bedroom, paint the nursery, move all of the baby's furniture into the nursery, and clean the whole house. I feel like I'm never going to get all of this done!! I'm FTM and a huge procrastinator. Now I'm paying the price! šŸ˜­ I feel so stressed!!šŸ˜”

Catherine R 1 like

I was too but then I remember that I was going to have my baby in my room at the beginning and it ended up being like 3 months so no stressing. You will never be fully ready...I almost have a one year old.

Evelyn J 1 like

Sounds like me up until the day before.

Kristin T 1 like

I think it's better to wait til the end so it can fill up your time! The last 4 weeks were the longest and I was grateful to have things to keep me busy. You'll get it done!

Patti T 1 like

Same as Catherine! We have our LO in our room - but I really wanted the nursery done before he arrived. It's mostly done haha!

bahama mama 1 like

I was getting induced on a Sunday & that Thursday before is when I was putting together the crib & putting up wall decals :) I feel you! hang in there!!

Danielle H 1 like

My LO didn't use her crib til almost 6 months and the nursery was ready when I was 6 months pregnant so it sat mostly unused for quite some time lol. It will all get done, don't stress

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