Just for curiosity sake because I know every baby is different... When did your baby first sleep through the night (minimum 6 hours) consistently? My girls are 3 months and they've slept 6 hours straight maybe 3 or 4 times. Not consistently though.

Brie L 1 like

Babies are a different. Both my kids slept through the night since birth. 6+ hours. Some DRs say wake them, but I let them sleep. Didn't want to get them used to waking up to eat! That's bad habits for when they are older ;)

Caitlyn A 1 like

My son put himself on a schedule at 2 1/2 months old and slept minimum 12 hours a night. People like I suggest wake the baby up for feedings (I was accused of being a neglectful mother by another mother because I let my son sleep) but I'm old school and believe you should never wake a sleeping baby. If they are sleeping thy need it. 6 hours is a great start! Congratulations!

Elyse G 1 like

My daughter is 10 months old. Around 9 months she started go sleep through the night. Unfortunately she is not consistent and there are nights she is up a few times a night.

Irma C 2 likes

My son was 8 months old when he had his first 6 hr stretch of sleep. His dad & I threw ourselves a party lol My daughter was a week old when she slept all night. We actually had to wake her up for feedings

Anonymous 1 like

Is not consistent because babies are always changing. They can have good sleeping patterns but it doesn't mean that they will always going to be punctual that does not exists. My lo sleept through the night at 3-5 months then at 6 he was waking up every 3 hours,at 7 months once or twice and now at 10 usually sleeps a length of 9-12 hours . Who knows what would be when he's 12 months,most probably his hours will change,and is completely normal ;)

Maggie W 1 like

My daughter started sleeping from 10-630 at about 9 weeks. We used the book cherish the first six weeks to get her on a schedule.

Jamie T 1 like

My LO started around 3 months. She is 5 months now and still sleeps through the night. Our pedi said she might start waking up more now that she is teething, but so far so good (knock on wood!)

Alice W 1 like

2 months

Mrs A 2 likes

My son is 1 and has yet to sleep all night. 😞

Christina P 1 like

My son was 13 months, but he has nightmares.

Sarah S 1 like

About a month

Melissa N 1 like

5 weeks but babies sleep schedules seem to always change! I've stuck to the same bed time routine since she was 4 weeks.. Bath, pjs, feed sleep!

Cheryl N 1 like

My son started sleeping 6 hour stretch around 3 months :)

T C 1 like

Mine just started too a few weeks ago so around 5 months she started at least 8 hrs min

Andrea D 1 like

6 weeks started sleeping 9 hours. She's 21 months now and sleeps 12. Consistent bed routine.

Katie D 1 like

My two boys slept through the night by 3 months. My daughter slept through at around 7 weeks. Every baby is different though. I know 3 year olds who still don't sleep through the night.

J B 1 like

Consistently it was 4 months. My daughter started sleeping 7:30-7. She is 13 months now and still sleeps 7:30-7.

Jessica C 1 like

As soon as I brought her home from the hospital

Yuliya L 1 like

2 months old, not he is 5 months and sleeps 10 hrs

Melissa C 2 likes

My LO was 2 months and he slept 9 hours every night for about 2 weeks, even when I tried to wake him to feed him he wasn't having it, he's now 4 months and sleeps about 12 hours, and maybe will sometimes wake up once or twice to eat.

Tiffany A 0 likes

My 3 month old sleeps for 6-8 hours at a time most nights

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