Just curious as this question probably gets asked a lot but how old was your baby when you stopped co-sleeping with them? Was it really difficult to transition them to a crib? First time mom who is still co-sleeping with my seven month old daughter.

Nicole N 0 likes

For us it was the other way arround: my dd slept in her own crib untill 1yo, for the last 4 months we cosleep, because i hate sleeping alone. I think you should do what you feel.

V R 0 likes

My daughter is 2 1/2 and we still co-sleep. Sorry, not much help here.

Charity H 0 likes

My son is 15mo and we've always coslept

Jabriela Lovely M 0 likes

Im in the same boat shes about to put her on the crib lets see mamas

Janet M 0 likes

Thank you so much everyone. :)

Michelle P 0 likes

My daughter is 2 years old & we still co-sleep lol I plan on go-sleeping until she's ready & wants to sleep in her own bed. Hopefully within the next year or two lol I'm enjoying the snuggles right now before she doesn't want to snuggle or sleep with me any more.

Morgan E 0 likes

My baby will be 8 Mts old on the 25 and we do sleep it's what works for us and we don't suffer from it we love it

Desy H 1 like

I loved co-sleeping with my little one! But I'm starting to put her in her crib now at 2 and a half months because there's like no room on the bed between me my SO and my baby but her cribs in our room so it's fine! When she wakes up early I put her in the bed with us again and she usually falls back asleep.

G E 0 likes

Unfortunately my baby wasn't sleeping well next to me. He is 10 weeks old. I was giving off too much heat and he would toss and turn all night. So he's been in his crib. But if you are comfortable and your LO is sleeping well then keep doing it. I wish my 19 month old would sleep next to me but he doesn't like co sleeping at all.

V L 0 likes

Cosleeping with my 6 month old but really trying to transition to her own crib bc unfortunately right now it also means i have to sleep next to her when she sleeps bc she otherwise wakes up every 10-20 min. I'm tired of not spending an evening with my husband on the couch. I'm in my baby's room at like 7 pm

Liams M 0 likes

Oh my ^ VL you are very patient! I could not do what your doing I love my time with my SO and sometimes you just need a break from baby! May I ask why you stay in there for that amount of time? I mean if baby is changed and fed why does he wake up so much? Have you tried letting him cry it out? I don't usually recommend that but your baby needs to learn to sleep without you in the room..

Liams M 0 likes

I couldn't imagine sleeping without my SO at night! Or even sitting in the room at 7 pm and not having that time with my SO, it would cause a lot of problems in my relationship! (I'm not trying to sound mean or judgmental) I just salute your patience that's for sure!

Janet M 0 likes

Thank you everyone. :)

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