I keep hearing people talk about gender reveal parties. We wanted to do a reveal at our baby shower but our families got furious with us for not telling them. they were saying we were ridiculous and that no one cared what the gender was and stuff. Anyone else experience this? šŸ˜¢

Marianne M 2 likes

If they don't care, I wouldn't tell them at all. That's pretty crappy of them to rain on your parade like that. This is such a special time for you and how and what you choose to tell people is completely up to you! Just keep your chin up and focus on that baby! Maybe you can figure out how to do a former wheel for all of us moms here šŸ˜˜

Mariah N 0 likes

I ended up not getting to do the reveal because my grandma was with us at the appointment and my doctor said congrats on the boy (not realizing we weren't going to tell her). But I want to with #2. It was weird they all got so mad about it. they acted like we thought we were a lot more special than we were or something. Curiosity killed the cat maybe? Idk.

Chelsea ā 3 likes

Oh my!!! Do the gender reveal with #2 don't let them bully you out of something you really wanted !!

Mariah N 0 likes

Thanks Chelsea šŸ˜Š

Alison P 2 likes

I could tell my family wanted to know but just wanted us to tell them. I did a reveal party anyway. I enjoyed it! We filled the inside of the cake with pink mnm's so when we cut it open they spilled out!

Chelsea ā 1 like

You're welcome!!! My sister just did it with her 1st and it was so awesome to all find out together happy tears and lots of smiles ā¤ļøā¤ļø

Austin S 1 like

I don't understand why it would be a problem. I didn't do a party with my son. But my next baby I'll probably do a gender party about a week after the gender is confirmed.

Mariah N 0 likes

I think it was definitely a case of them being curious and really wanting to know. It was weird to be angry about it though. I can't wait to reveal the next one. Theyre going to be disappointed if it's a boy though so maybe I shouldn't if it's a boy? Lol

Austin S 1 like

They'll love that baby no matter it's gender!

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