I've have always wanted to breast feed. DD is 5 weeks old and it has been the biggest challenge. We have been having to supplement with formula and we just found out she is "tounge tied" my milk production is lowering and lowering and we are having to give her more and more formula. I feel so sad and depressed about the entire situation. I just started Exclusively pumping to make it to easier on her and still only getting like 1 once a feeding while she is doing 4-6. I feel like giving up :(

Ana E 0 likes

I'm sorry you are going through this. Are you going to have tongue sniped? My friend had it done, and her baby cried for a few seconds...and it helped her with breastfeeding. She was having the hardest time, and he wouldn't latch prior to the snip. Please don't be depressed, she's lucky to have you.

Keri D 1 like

I know how frustrating that is my son 3 now got Jaundice when still in the hospital mainly because he could not latch on maybe TMI but my nipples are big but kinda flat so it was too difficult for him and I had to go to formula after about 6 weeks because milk production slowed down. But you just have to do what you can and don't kick yourself because it's not your fault

Jamie D 1 like

Hang in there! I had to exclusively pump for both my boys for a month because they were both in the Nicu. It then took an additional month to get them on to the breast. My older son ended up nursing for 2 years. As far as the tongue-tie have you talked to your pediatrician about getting it clipped? If your lo is having trouble feeding that is a good reason to do it.

Jamie D 0 likes

My second son had his clipped in the pediatrician's office- very easy procedure. He was 6 weeks old. It can really help with the latch and you lo won't be as tired from nursing.

Cristin C 0 likes

I feel for you. My daughter was tongue tied too and her pediatrician recommended this small procedure where we had to get the extra skin under her tongue clipped. Her tongue healed very quickly and she was able to nurse minutes after the procedure.

Cristin C 0 likes

Also, a helpful tip for tongue tied babies and nursing mommies, using the nipple shield works wonders. Plus it helps ease your nipples into the new adjustment of nursing so they won't be as sore all the time. To help with your milk supply drink plenty of water. Best of luck and stay strong. My daughter is 16 months now and we still breastfeed. Once your over this hill i promise it will be all downhill from there.

KW β 2 likes

Similar situation for me. I cried a lot when I couldn't make enough to feed my LO. Had to switch to formula but it turns out it's a lot less stressful and now my hubby is able to feed her more which he enjoys. I also found that I get to spend more time with her and not hooked up to a pump all day.

Em A 2 likes

Don't give up. Even that small amount is good for her. Keep your head up because at least you are trying. A lot of people I know didn't even try. They just said "milk didn't come in" or "baby won't latch" and gave up. Good for you for trying!

Em A 1 like

Also try squeezing your boob while pumping. Also I know there's stuff you can drink to up your milk supply. Whenever I have a "low on milk" day I will drink a couple beers and that does actually help. And don't worry about feeding your LO the milk after having a beer or two. She will be fine. Also drink a crazy amount of water too. That will help.

Mary S 0 likes

Try lactation cookies or shakes (Pinterest has recipes) fenugreek works for some people but didn't work for me. I got prescription reglan (bad side effects) then prescription domperidone. That seems to help. I still have to supplement with formula but I get more milk than before

<3 0 likes

I had to do the same thing you can try a Nipple shield my son likes it they will take the nipple they think it's a Bottle

Ann 0 likes

My sister in law went through the exact situation and found out that thyroid was affecting her milk.

Christina K 0 likes

Don't give up! Drink lots of water and manually pump your breasts constantly. There is some great herbal teas that help with supply.

Kristen 0 likes

Water water water will increase your supply and also not stressing too much. That can make your supply drop as well!

Sara S 0 likes

For those of you like me that have never heard of this disorder I found a short article that explains it and describes the correction procedure. http://www.babycentre.co.uk/a552046/tongue-tie I wish you luck. I'm sure you have already done the research yourself. I know from experience how frustrating and defeating it can be to have troubles breastfeeding. My LO struggled with latching from day one. We had a lactation nurse try to help and nothing. I did straight pumping for 9 months.

Linsi M 0 likes

I exclusively pumped for a year for my twins. We had latching problems in the beginning (they were a month early, but no NICU) & the nipple shield was more of a nuisance than it was helpful (read EVIL). I just kept at it, pumping, drinking water, I took fenugreek & blessed thistle. Pumping allowed my husband (who traveled 3-4 days a week out of state) to bond & feed the babies & to give me some help. There's no shame in pumping. Please don't give up & don't get down on yourself. You can do this😊

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