I've got a Big problem need a Big Help šŸ˜© I am loosing hair like crazy and I heard it's a post pregnancy hair loss any tips how to take care of this please I might cry soon I never seen my hair falling out like this help help help

Tamara G 0 likes

I heard vitamin E is supposed to help

Jennifer D 0 likes

Are you nursing?

Leslie D 0 likes

Get your thyroid checked ASAP

KiKi B 0 likes

Yes I'm Breast feed

Jen D 0 likes

I had the same thing happened after I had my son I lost so much hair but I guess you don't really lose hair while your pregnant. It then starts to grow back. He is 2 1/2 and i have a 2 month old and I'm starting to lose it again. I'm also nursing. Just hang in there it does grow back. It's just scary at first because it comes out in clumps:/very common though.

Erin H 0 likes

I also bf and was told DONT tie my hair back or not to tight and to brush it every day. Undort it's going to happen due to hormones. Also going on bc helped mine as well. Keep taking your prenatals.

BoyMom 0 likes

I hear adding biotin supplements can help. But, pp hair loss is normal and to be expected .. It's a bummer but most people don't go bald (even though it feels that way sometimes :/)

Jennifer D 2 likes

I breastfed too and lost clumps of hair! It eventually grew back, when you have a baby you are giving most of your nutrients away. My hair started growing back slowly around the 6th/7th month. Continue to take the prenatal... I wanted to take biotin but I was advised not to from my Dr.. I now use Bosley foam which I purchased at ulta, but had to wait until I stopped nursing, which was 14 months. I know its tough to do but try not to stress too much about as that will make it worse. Good luck

Wallaby M 0 likes

I didn't lose a lot of hair immediately after giving birth but I did when I slowed down in bf'ing. It was a little scary but it all leveled out after a few weeks.

Marianne M 1 like

I had the same thing. I couldn't believe how much hair was coming out in the shower! Take a deep breath - It is normal, I guess the hormones changing once again. I am breastfeeding and I think it probably peaked about 8 months. Then it slowly started growing back. I didn't have any bald spots, but lots of areas (especially in/around the front, of course!) with silly little wispy hairs that stuck up everywhere. I found that shampoos for thinning hair, or growth boosters really did help.

Caitlyn S 1 like

I was told there's little to nothing you can do about this because it's a hormonal thing I did have really good luck though with moroccan oil because my hair also felt really dry during this time

Tasha M 1 like

You barely loose hair when prego, so it comes out after. I could make a puppy with my hair loss. It's okay, it will all come back ^_^ this is my second time around

Amy F 1 like

From what I hear, it will stop on it's own. I was told that the excess hair you gained during pregnancy falls out after you deliver. It's scary to see clumps of hair come out, but I think it's normal. Hang in there!

Kathy M 1 like

I was told it could take up to 12 months to stop. Around 11 months is when it slowed down for me

Erika C 0 likes

It's totally normal and taking a post-natal vitamin really slowed it down for me.

Nickey D 0 likes

Biotin !!

Nickey D 0 likes

I was losing hair in clumps and clogging the drain every shower. Started taking biotin + prenatal and no more massive hair loss

Casey K 1 like

Do not panic!!!! Same thing happened with my first pregnancy! I had bald patches everywhere! I'm telling you from experience & as a hair dresser, it comes back and u don't even realize it. I recommend continuing a multi vit. And the nioxin shampoo, cond, and treatment. Purchase from a SALON ONLY not from a retail store! It's not guaranteed! I also have thyroid issues, and that can be a cause also so it wouldn't hurt to get that checked just in case! I promise you tho, it WILL stop & come back

Mamma B 1 like

Me too! My hair is just falling out when washing brushing blow drying everything! I thought I was going crazy

Ciara B 1 like

I'm told find a supplement that has 5,000 mg of biotin, take it daily. Also i heard coconut oil is great too. Alot of celebrities are using Hairfinity supplements, Google it šŸ˜ Good luck

Ava P 0 likes

I read an article the other day that said you notice hair loss around 3-6 months postpartum. I'm about 3 and a half months pp and losing hair all over the place. The article said it will even out. It's due to hormones.

Lexie H 1 like

I agree with all the ladies here. Another thing that can at least help your hair feel healthy n shiny is Ovation Cell Therapy. It's a shampoo, conditioner and treatment. I used it pre-pregnancy because female baldness runs in my family. It isn't a drug so you can use it while BF. Loved how much shinier n thicker my hair felt. My hairdresser was impressed. It's like $100 for all 3 but it lasted me almost a year because you only use it 2-3 times a week.

KiKi B 0 likes

I'll try not to panic and thank u all so much I'm just scared

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