I've been making my sons baby food since he was 5 months and is now 10 months. I try to go organic as much as possible, but everything is definitely fresh! I went yesterday to tour the daycare that he is scheduled to start next week and they will not allow parents to send homemade baby food. But instead will give him a jar of gerber baby food. I'm so bothered by this. My son loves to eat! And a jar will not sustain him nor will he like it, I've already tried.

Melissa T 1 like

Is this even legal? I'm his mother I should be able to dictate what he eats and I def don't want him eating that jarred crap!

Sofie D 1 like

That is ridiculous! How about taking it further?! Talking to someone higher up?!

Ally B 2 likes

Inconsiderate!!! Dump the place and find another one. Inappropriate.

Melissa T 2 likes

I'm trying to speak to the registered dietician for the company to see WHY?!

E B 0 likes

They shouldn't tell you what or what not to feed your LO .. I would tell them that that's not an option..

Ethan's M 0 likes

I think this is ridiculous I would be pissed. Defending not something I could agree on

Ally B 2 likes

I'm thinking it's cause they don't want to be reliable for a possible chocking or don't want to be bothered to warm it up individually. Either way, it goes against developmentally appropriate practice. Children at any age have individual needs to meet, they develop differently. The place fails at meeting your family's belief. Everything about it is wrong. Now if they told you about their peanut butter policy, that would be understandable.

Melissa T 0 likes

I'm also breastfeeding still... And they want me to bring 2-3 bottles of breast milk. My son eats heavy during the day and drinks water so he only takes one bottle of bm (which is all I pump) when I told her he only gets one bottle she looked at me crazy and suggested formula. He's still up nursing at night and while I'm home I nurse him often! Ugh these jerks are trying to change my ways and I've worked too damn hard to give my baby the best I will not let anyone take that away from me!

Kelly ? 0 likes

Our kids werent allowed to bring food into the day care unless its prepackaged. Its to prevent allergies or cross contamination. We had kids with severe allergies and they couldnt risk her getting exposed to anything.

Melissa T 0 likes

I can understand the point of allergies by t they are spoon feeding the babies so it's not like the babies can get up and share their food if they're strapped in high chairs. Lol

Heather B 0 likes

I had the same issue, the reasoning was that there were children with severe food allergies and even though I wasn't using anything that was an allergy food they could not take my word for it and risk the other children's well-being. Maybe if there are no allergies in the room they could make an exception for you.

Melissa T 1 like

Sounds like a convenience factor to the teachers to be honest

Cassie C 0 likes

Yup definitely sounds like they don't want to inconvenience themselves

Amber K 0 likes

That sounds crazy!!! We made all our own baby food too. If it were me I would find a different daycare.

Ally B 0 likes

We had a nut policy in our school. Parents were not allowed to bring any nut containing products (or products processed in a factory that processes nuts) but if they made something, they had to bring a label that listed ingredients (you make the label). In their defense, children do get into things that are their and not their things, as it's very hard to control everything at any time. That's why they create these food policies.. It's a grey area. Imagine if you had a child with severe allergy.

Leah M 0 likes

For what you're probably paying them I think you're allowed to bring your own food. How would there be any cross contamination if they're doing their job? Can someone have an allergic reaction from a jar being open and just smelling it in the air? If not I say that's a joke!

Melissa T 0 likes

Exactly Leah! I just sent an email to the company director of early childhood services and the president of the company 😁 lol this is only for the next couple months, once he turns one he can eat the regular lunches which seemed pretty healthy. Hoping they can make an exception

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