I've asked my husband nicely to help out more, he does for a couple weeks and then goes back to the same crap. I work also, I'm a server and work about 25 hours, maybe more. He works about 50 hours. All he does is yell as the kids(which makes them not listen even more) And then I ask him not to eat out anymore and, guess what he does go eat out, now we are out of money. And now he surprised and being rude to me because I dont want to have sex with him. Anyone know how else to confront him?

Kassidy 9 likes

Honestly I started a reward system with my husband (they are like kids in many ways) I told him if you take the trash out all week do the dishes at least once a week and help crash clean on Saturday I'll give you a blow job. Needless to say our house stays so much cleaner!

Chelsea T 4 likes

Kassidy Haha! I'll have to try that!! 😂😊

Danielle M 1 like

Kassidy how did you approach that? It's a great idea but im worried that he will take it as condescending more than anything

Melissa F 3 likes

Last night I asked my husband to stop by and buy a few groceries on his way home from the gym (it was like 5 small things) and he complained 🙄🤬 I was like seriously dude!! So I bribed him with a bj as well 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ men LOL

Kassidy 1 like

Chelsea Thomason plus it makes the conversation a lot lighter and less likely to be an argument!

Kim E 2 likes

I would either write down all the chores/responsibilities so your husband sees them all and how many their are. Say if we divide and conquer there is less resentment and you will feel more like a team and all will get done more quickly. My husband and I try to do it all by Thursday so weekends are more fun and relaxing

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