It's abt to get very cold here. I'm trying to figure out a way to keep my 14 month old warm, yet safe. I know I'm not supposed to strap her into her car seat with any kind of "fluff". I'm just wondering how other moms go about this. Do you take your baby's coat off once you get to the car? Then take them out of the car again without a coat once you get to your destination? I know you're supposed to layer them, but NY winters get very cold and I can't imagine doing this even for a few minutes!

Nina K 1 like

I live in Colorado, and run into the same thing. We take her to the car in a snow suit and then once in the car cover her with a blanket. The snowsuit is easy on and off, and does the job of house to car and car to where ever else.

Marlene R 2 likes

Chicago is a bit bipolar especially last year. My daughter was about 9 mo old when the "polar vortex" hit.. I layered and covered and kept car warm before in took her out. I never did the whole snow suit thing. I used a thick baby cover and then a warmer smaller one under that, once in the car seat and strapped I snuggled them up with the cover

Spartan M 2 likes

I love the jj cole bundleme, which is offered in a large size for toddlers. I've heard controversy regarding safety in a car seat, but I can't imagine bitter cold is safe for our little ones.

Melanie M 1 like

I'm outside of Toledo and about 1.5 blocks from Lake Erie. It gets cold here. The average temperature last winter was around 20-25 degrees and we had 84" of snow. That said, my son wore a snowsuit when out. I felt I had no choice since sometimes I HAD to take him out (roughly 5-6 months at the time) even though it would be below zero without the wind chill.

Melanie M 1 like

I chose a snowsuit that was closely knitted but not "fluffy" and did the car seat test: strap baby in the seat WITH the coat/snow suit on. Then strap baby in without the outerwear and don't adjust the straps. If you can fit more than two fingers between the strap and baby, the suit/coat is too thick. *some sites say more than one finger*

Sarina W 0 likes

Depending on lo's age you can look into the cozy woggle jacket. We don't live in that cold of a region but when we move back to MN i plan on ordering one. But it's recommended to remove the jacket and lay on the child.

Mrs. K 0 likes

I've heard of some moms strapping their LO in the car seat, then putting their coat on them backwards so they can still have their arms covered and all. Mine's only 7 weeks so we just tuck a blanket around her after she's strapped in since she isn't active enough to kick it off yet

Caitlyn S 1 like

It's soooo cold and windy where I live in canada , we live near one of the Great Lakes and in the country so even to go for the house to the car is a battle. I recently picked up a fall / spring like jacket, it's think but has a fleece lining and it's perfect. No thicker then a sweater but cuts the wind and she's cozy I it. If I need more I put a fleecy blanket on her lap once she's belted in

Stephanie W 0 likes

My friend got me a car seat sleeping bag. I live in WA. I haven't used it yet but I love the idea

Melanie M 0 likes

I hear ya, Caitlyn! Living next to one of the lakes can be awful in the wintertime!

Veda's Mommy โ 0 likes

Thank you, Smart Moms!

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