It really sucks being older with a toddler. I'm 29 years old and my daughter is 17 months. All of my friends have big kids (like 5 and up) so I never have anyone for my baby to play with and she's an only child. Anyone in the Columbus, OH area who'd like play dates? Don't all jump at once LOL 😉

Deanna J 0 likes

Don't feel alone I'm 33 with my first almost 15mo and all my friends have older children too. The only ones live kinda far and our schedules don't match up. But I'm in Nevada lol sorry can't help you though.

Coryn P 0 likes

Haha. I'm 24, but my husband is 43. So all his friends have kids my age 😂😂 and a lot of my friends don't even have kids yet.

Linsi M 0 likes

Lol you think your "older". I'm 34 with 15 month old twins! Majority of my friends all have kids in school. I can totally relate though

Shana V 1 like

I'm 31 and my son is 1 yr, my friends either have older kids or none at all. It does suck, sorry im far from Columbus. Louisiana is my home.

Rachael B 1 like

Lol dang!!! You have it worse Coryn lol.

Rachael B 1 like

Deanna it's ok :( lol but at least I'm not the only one in this sucky situation

Rachael B 0 likes

Lol Linsi I say older because most people online are always like early 20's and I'll be 30 this year lol

Rachael B 0 likes

Shana, just my luck. All the people with the same age babies never live here 😩 lol

Emma 0 likes

I'm 28 with a 2 yr old so I know what you mean. My best friend since high school has a son only 9 months older than mine so that's good, but it's hard to find new friends my age with toddlers.

Chelsea A 1 like

Im 21 my son is only 4 months so that wouldn't work out but I'm also from Columbus Ohio 😊

Paula B 0 likes

I guess I'm lucky all my friends started having babies relatively close together. But we very rarely make play dates :-/

Ciara B 0 likes

Lol 29 isn't old love! Ur still young

Rachael B 0 likes

Paula if I had friends with kids my age, I'd be having play dates all the time lol

Rachael B 1 like

Emma, the struggle is real. When she gets into school, she will meet friends and I won't have this problem anymore lol

Rachael B 1 like

Chelsea dang, if only you woulda had him in 2013 lol 😩

Daphne O 0 likes

Put her in daycare?

Katlyn B 1 like

Ok, I definitely have you beat on the "old mom" circuit! LOL! I am 34. I have an 18 month old girly. AND we live in Columbus! LOL! Would love to play date! In addition to Keira, I also have an 8 year old, Kali. Would really like to find some kids for Keira to play with during the day while my oldest is in school. We're in the Dublin area. You?

Rachael B 0 likes

Katlyn, yay!!! Lol. That's perfect because they are the same age 😄 we live near Easton but we travel anywhere to get out the house lol. Is there a way to inbox or anything on here? Hmmm lol

Rachael B 0 likes

Daphne, I've always been scared of daycare because I don't trust people like that, but as of last week I've been looking into it. It's soo expensive though 😩 but I'm working on that!

Chelsea A 1 like

I'm in shock at how close you guys are!!! I as well am in the Dublin area that's awesome!

Rachael B 0 likes

Yay!! That is very awesome!!! :)

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