Is there anything to help postpartum hair loss?

Stephanie K 0 likes

Keep taking the prenatal's I did after all three and helps a lot.

Ciara B 0 likes

I've been wanting to try that Hairfinity vitamins! Everyone us using them. I want to take them now but im pregnant and not sure if its safe

Laura D 1 like

It's natural for you to shed hair because of the hormones in your body changing again ? When did you have your baby?

Catherine J 1 like

Since I'm exclusively breastfeeding I'm still on prenatal vitamins. That seems to be helping

Kerry S 1 like

You need to try hair skin nails by it works! People are having amazing results just after 1 week of use! Have a look at it here

Chrysta P 0 likes

Fish oil :-)

Montreece H 0 likes

Biotin in pill form and prenatals with DHA.

Stephanie B 0 likes

Marilyn's Formula capsules work AMAZING!!

Mommyof3under3 0 likes

It should stop after a while. I had the same thing happen and it stopped after a few months.

Jeralynn J 1 like

I had him In march

Nicole I 0 likes

I had my baby in March also! My hair still sheds like crazy. I feel my hormones are still out of wack. But I don't know how to stop it from shedding.

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