Is there a such thing as too much fetal movement? I'm 25 weeks pregnant and she kicks all the time!

Stacey P 1 like

That was my LO! He was my most active of all babies in my womb. It was crazy! I started feeling him at 11 weeks and by 18 it was kicks and just didn't quit! I even managed to record him moving in my tummy!! I bet it will freak him out when he's older to see that lol

Samantha H 0 likes

Could be from what your eating, ex. Too much sugar. I took cough syrup once(recommended by my midwife) and I never took it again because my baby went completely mental kicking and it was actually crazy how much he moved so I didn't want to do it again

Chi M 1 like

Haha! No it's normal. I felt like mine was running a marathon on my bladder:)

L A 2 likes

Normal. My son was crazy active in my stomach. He is such an active baby. He never sits still.

C L 1 like

I think it is fine if you're feeling movement constantly. I've read that if you normally don't and all of a sudden feel a huge increase of movement, it can be a sign of fetal distress.

Jennifer P 0 likes

Yes it's completely normal! Lol I think it would be cool if you recorded it! How awesome would that be to see later on in life!!

Sami 2 likes

Nope!!!! Once I could feel my monkey moving she moved allll dayyyy long. And she still moves all day long!! Lol

Miko J 0 likes

I'm 26 weeks. My son kicks a lot too! It's normal. Mines kicking right now! Time for breakfast!

Yv L 0 likes

Lol, i asked the same thing too. The answer is no. But you might want to watch out your sweet, caffeine intake . They get high with those substances too.

Brittney E 0 likes

I think that's normal. My baby does the same thing! Doc says that means she's a happy baby! :)

Katie 0 likes

Thank you everyone! :) you guys made me feel a lot better! ❤️

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