Is there a detox I can do while nursing

Kim E 0 likes

I probably wouldn't recommend it if you don't want to mess with your supply and nutrients your baby is getting. You need fats while nursing and of course good healthy foods. Most detox say "don't use while pregnant." I just bought the Arbonne 7 day detox.

C M 0 likes

I don't think it's safe to detox while BF. Your body and your baby need calories & nutrients from food.

Mommy To L 0 likes

What about natural detox like drinking water and fruit stuff like that

Margaret S 0 likes

You need extra calories - bf generally isn't the time to restrict and definitely wouldn't do a detox. Just commit the same energy to eating real less processed foods, no unnecessary sugar or white flour. Make them good but keep your calories up - your body needs them to produce milk

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