Could my daughter be autistic? She's advanced for her age and is oddly obsessed wih things kids her age don't seem to notice. 18 mos. She won't go to bed if the toys aren't put away and clothes in basket. She always puts decorations or toys EXACTY where they were and freaks and has a meltdown if anybody moves what she strategically places. I hear Austistic kids can be super smart so could she be? She tries to communicate but the other toddlers don't seem to understand. She's usually calm. Help??

Perfectly M 0 likes

She does weird things too like emptying her backpack and refilling it. And doing the same thing a few times. She put coins in and out of a piggy bank for an hour today!

A V 2 likes

It doesn't hurt to get her tested. The earlier it is diagnosed the better! My 11 year old son is autistic. The things you mentioned could be autistic tendencies but it could also be just the way your LO is. Has she reached all of her developmental milestones?

A V 2 likes

If your child is 18 months old, you should consider talking to your doctor if your child exhibits the following behavior: Doesn’t point to show things to others Doesn’t know what familiar things (cup, spoon, phone) are used for Doesn’t imitate or copy others Doesn’t have at least six words Doesn’t gain new words Doesn’t notice or react when a caregiver leaves or returns Doesn’t walk Loses skills he/she once had

Sweetest M 2 likes

Those are things that little ones do, it's hard to diagnose Autism so early. Are there other children with autism in the family? Does she show empathy? Can you cuddle her? How are her meltdowns handled? I have to boys with autism, one high functioning, and one low. Its really hard.

Anonymous 2 likes

Autistic kids can be smart, yes but they also face a lot of problems communicating which can be really frustrating for them and for their parent mostly. Is characterized by social-interaction difficulties, communication challenges and a tendency to engage in repetitive behaviors.

Anonymous 2 likes

Does she : Does not respond to his/her name by 12 months of age? Cannot explain what he/she wants Doesn't follow directions? Seems to hear sometimes, but not other times? Doesn't point or wave "bye-bye"? Used to say a few words or babble but not anymore?

Sarah B 4 likes

As a Special Education teacher, you can't accurately diagnose autism until children are 5+. Kids do random things and are still learning & experimenting with their surroundings. Autism comes in all forms...there is no cookie cutter description, every case is different so I wouldn't try to look up "signs" and automatically think your child fits in the category...just keep an eye on her and see how she continues to develop.

Perfectly M 0 likes

Adrean she always made eye contact with everyone EXCEPT me! Since birth. She started looking into my eyes around a year now she holds my face and stares into my eyes. She kisses and talks. Like I said she's advanced. She tested at a stage of a 28 month old at daycares developmental testing. She rolled over 5m sat 6m ate food 6m Up/down stairs 8m Talked 9m Crawled 10m Walked 11m Now she does everything right on or above the developmental mark.

Perfectly M 0 likes

She points. She uses items (she even tries to shave her legs with my razor once! Scary). She yells "hello" when the phone rings. She says over twenty words already. She memorized who's shoes are who's and gets them to each person when it's time to go. She knows which book is her favorite and what to expect. She cries like I'm dead whenever I walk out the door and screams and dances the second she hears someone mention Mommy.

Perfectly M 0 likes

Charity she loves cuddles. Sometimes. She pats me hen I cry then she starts crying. She says uh oh baby when a baby cries. I'm adopted so I don't know what runs in out family. When she has meltdowns I wait until it's over or distract her and usually it stops like a switch was flipped. Then can start again just as easily. She also does sign language. She knows who she is and sees her pic or herself in mirror or asked who she is she says her nickname. She says "it's Ceecee!" She waves bye/hugs.

Julia J 2 likes

That may be gifted behavior, talk to pedia see what tests are available.

Kelsie F 1 like

She could have OCD. I did at that age. I constantly wanted to wash my hands to the point they would bleed and my mom had to take me to the dr. Don't worry too much about it right now momma :)

Perfectly M 0 likes

She talked great 8-10 mos. Then started babbling nonsense. Then by 14 mos started TALKIng again.

Ana S 1 like

She seems to be just smart and I don't think she has autism ...but just my humble opinion

A V 3 likes

Just from what I've learned with my son I don't think your lo has autism. Everything you have mentioned in the comments doesn't sound like it. She is a very smart girl! It could just be because she's so advanced and that's just how she is!

Lisa W 1 like

My 7 year old just got diagnosed some kids are hard to tell if they are and you don't find out till later it doesn't hurt to ask the doctor I've been saying for years that he was and everyone said he doesn't meet the criteria. One we starting seeing many specialist he was diagnosed go with your gut feeling if it makes you feel better get tested can't hurt also we were told every autistic child is different some are more severe than others

Jenn S 1 like

I wouldn't say autistic but maybe a little OCD. My niece and son are OCD about their toys. I'm OCD about everything. Lol

BoyMom 1 like

That doesn't sound like autism to me. She could have slight OCD tendencies... From what you've shared on here before it sounds like you're living in a bit of an unstable situation with foster parents right? I'm sure she can feel that instability and insecurity from that and her way of expressing that is through controlling her toys and where things go. It sounds like a normal behavior for a kiddo in your situation. She'll be just fine :)

Haley D 1 like

Sounds like ocd.

Rachel B 1 like

I think your LO is just a very smart little girl! I think a lot of parents over analyze behavior in their children since autism has been sensationalized. Most of those things your LO does sound live very normal development for a child her age :-) if you spend a lot of time with her and teach her things she will retain them because her brain is like a sponge at this age! Same as if you didn't spend a lot of time teaching her, she wouldn't learn as quickly. :-) ur just a really good teacher mama!

Amanda V 1 like

sounds ocd like too. Asperburgers is high functioning autism where they are very smart. Any concerns, get her tested and talk to dr.

Brandy H 1 like

She's way too young to diagnosis. Sounds like OCD. She sounds very articulate, not autistic. I used to work with autistic kiddos and it's such a wide range to try and judge your baby now. I would give it a while unless your really concerned then talk to your pediatrician.

Stephanie D 1 like

ocd! some children are very routine and organized! it's perfectly fine.

Perfectly M 2 likes

Thank you everyone especially Racheal Cyndi andkelsie. Cyndi I never thought of that because who thinks foster care and moving affects a kid her age but you're absolutely right I remember that from my psychology and child development classes. Thanks so much everyone!) asking at 18 m dr appointment soon.

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