Is it smarted to buy more newborn clothes for the beginning or 0-3 month? I'm stuck on which sizes to get ! :(

Sarah B 2 likes

0-3 months...babies grow out of newborn clothes so quickly and 0-3 is a wide range that they can wear for awhile

Amber E 1 like

I say get a few nb outfits mainly sleepers that zip up and onesies that go under the clothes. More than most likely your baby will only be in nb for a month or so. Go for 0-3.

Erin K 2 likes

0-3 if ur baby is born big they won't fit into newborns long my son was over 8lbs and he was out of newborns within a month he's 10 weeks now and where's 3-6 month every babies different tho so it's hard to know

C L 2 likes

Don't buy a ton of newborn! They grow so fast and will only wear them for just a little bit! Pick out a few newborn things, but stick with 0-3 months right away. Don't go overboard though! My almost three month old is already wearing some six months clothes! And I made the mistake of spending close to 700 dollars on clothes (they're so cute right??), and he has so many clothes he probably won't wear them all! :)

Danielle B 3 likes

I got a lot of newborn and didn't even use half of them. I would get mostly 0-3 months. It also depends on how big the think the baby will be. Get a lot of 3-6 also. My son was in 3-6 when he was only a couple months old.

Lauren S 1 like

Okay. Thank you guys so much! :) im 34 weeks now and they say she's weighing around 4 pounds 12 ounces

Lauren S 1 like

And yeah I've already bought a bunch of stuff too I'm sure she won't get to use :( lol

Gabes M 2 likes

Get 0-3 months! They grow like weeds! My son is just 4 months and has been in size 6 months for a couple of weeks now. We were done with newborn stuff within the first 4 weeks

Coryn P 3 likes

0-3 and 3-6 is what you should buy! They literally wear newborn for like a week haha.

Manda P 4 likes

My suggestion: buy 0-3 sleepers. My babies didn't go out much, besides dr visits, for the first few weeks. They lived in sleepers and onesies.

Brittany M 2 likes

My lo was 7lbs 2oz but wore newborn for only 2 weeks bc he was so long now he's 9 weeks and almost into 6 months...

Jessica A 2 likes

I would buy a little 0-3 months but it's always safer to buy big! I bought so many newborn clothes at thrift stores and garage sales and for my baby shower I got a bunch of boxes of newborn diapers.... Well my baby was a big little guy and all his newborn clothes and newborn diapers I had to give them to someone else because they wouldn't fit.. So keep that In mind :)

T C 2 likes

I would just buy a few newborn sleepers bc the 0-3 were huge on my baby girl. Every time she moved her arms and legs would come out of their sleeves. Then the rest 0-3 it took about 2-3 weeks before she could fit into the other sleepers.

Hannah P 2 likes

Some newborn clothes are good but don't go all out and get a whole lot they won't were them for very long. All babies are different though.

Trena T 2 likes

My son was in 0-3 from birth. (My youngest) my oldest wore newborn for 3 months, then skipped 2 sizes and I had to put him in 6-9. My youngest is 7 months old and is in a 18month.. My 3 year old is in 5T shirts and 4T pants for length.

Jules M 4 likes

My baby never wore newborn(10lb 4oz!) he is 7 months and wearing 18-24 months!!! He's not fat just a big stocky baby. I would have just a few for the first couple of weeks. All you need at first is onsies and pants. Maybe a cute outfit or two for pictures but honestly you want soft comfortable clothes. Also a tip those corners on top of the onsies are so you can roll them down the baby if poop gets on them. Just pull the arms out and roll down! No poop on the head:) I just learned that on here.

Jenny K 2 likes

My son wore newborns until he was about 3 or 4 months old. He was 6 lbs 4 ozs and 18 3/4 inches long when he was born. He was 3 weeks early but all babies are different

Zoe M 2 likes

I had this problem too! Your baby will grow so fast you won't even use half of what you got (if you've gotten a lot already) like all the girls are saying, pick a few outfits out that you really like in newborn, then go up sizes!

Delmma V 2 likes

I birthed 2 ten pounders and they used 3-6 m from the start, is baby in a larger percentile of measurements?

Skylar K 2 likes

My daughters were 8.7 and 8.8 and only stayed in newborn for a week or two! I'd definitely go with 0-3

Chelsea M 3 likes

0-3 months

Kelly W 2 likes

Lol.. My son never fit newborn! Thank goodness for receipts because I had a lot to return

Theresa B 2 likes

I got my son newborn and he came out at almost 9 pounds, so he grew out of newborn diapers and clothes by the time he was a week old. Go with the ones a little bigger, they will grow into them before you know it!

Miranda D 2 likes

You really don't need as many clothes as you think! My son barely wore some sizes. For example my son was well out of 0-3 month clothes but 1 1/2 months. But he was a 9 pounder when he was born.

Nancy W 2 likes

I bought mostly 0-3 because everyone kept telling me he would grow out of it soon. My baby was 7 lbs and used newborn clothes for two months! I literally had to send someone to get him a newborn outfit to get him out of the hospital and had to go shopping when I left the hospital.

K B 2 likes

I'd buy a few newborn.. I only had 2 outfits of newborn and like a million 0-3 and my baby came out 6lbs and she barely fit newborn.. She is 2 and a half weeks and she is just fitting into newborn size.

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