Is it safe to do lice treatment when you are pregnant? My fiancé found out he has it. I just want to double check I don't. Any ideas to get rid of them beside buying the special soap.

Liz J 1 like

Talk to your dr first before you put any type of chemical like that on your head. There's a good chance that it may be harmful but just my opinion. That's terrible for your SO. 😣

Brittney E 3 likes

Mayo in your hair for two hours. Look it up online. Lice will suffocate and it's more natural

MommyOf4? ? 3 likes

Yes Mayo on your hair then put a plastic bag on for 2hrs

Faith A 0 likes

My mom put baby oil in my hair and wrap it up for 24 hours but you still have to comb them out of your hair. But they are dead. They do not like oil hair

Tabby R 0 likes

Olive oil or mayo works great. I had it all the time as a kid, I used live stuff a lot but when we finally used mayo they stayed away for good

Gunner Danger's M 0 likes

You need to kill the lice in your house too not just the ones on your head or you'll just end up with them again. The best way is a bug bomb but you have to be out of the house for like 24 hours and you don't want to be anywhere near it so you bf would have to do it and clean up afterwards. At the very least wash all if your bedding and dry everything on high including the pillows from your bed and couch then vacuum real good. Bed couch chairs everything.

Sarah T 0 likes

Or try the cream face wash CETAPHIL you can get it anywhere. Put in your hair n keep shower cap on for a few hours and wash out. But if it's a man I'd just shave his head lol

Samantha K 0 likes

We don't love together yet. I combed my hair but I haven't seen anything but it makes me itchy just thinking about it. Seen my pregnancy my hair is so dry. But I have laid in his bed and been close to his head. Would coconut oil work to?

Gunner Danger's M 1 like

Oh, you have "psychological lice" as I call it. You can buy a special comb to see if you have them. They are usually too small to see on a regular comb unless you have a pile of them. You are more likely to see the eggs than the adult lice.

Mrs. P 1 like

I wish I can upload a picture Of what I used. It's a Mexican comb I bought at a flea market. I took a shower and while in the shower I combed my hair with it and it pulls em out easy! I can upload it on here from my profile so you can see.

Mrs. P 1 like

I uploaded it. You can search it up as "chino para los piojos" ☺️

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