Is it safe to do a tea detox while breastfeeding? We plan on eating mainly veggies fruit n proteins along with the tea. Not an all liquid cleanse/detox.

Stephanie F 2 likes

Not a good idea. Your baby needs so many nutrients and by just limiting your body to certain foods and trying to detox your body is not a good idea. Once your done breastfeeding then give it a shot but think about your little one getting all the proper nutrients right now

Kay K 0 likes

No, I would not suggest this. Detox once you finish breastfeeding. Your baby needs all the necessary nutrients. Do not limit him.

Katie C 1 like

There's no reason you can't, just make sure you eat plenty of calories, and lots of veggies and protein!

Lorraine H 0 likes

Not 100% if it applies to just pregnancy or if it does for breastfeeding too but when you detox your body excretes the "bad" stuff through many ways, blood, urine, sweat, etc. always check with your doctor and research as well because you don't want the toxins exiting through to your baby.

Sarah G 1 like

The only way I would detox while breastfeeding is drinking water with lemon in it. Also just eat "clean"; a variety of fruits & veggies & proteins!

Mommy O 1 like

I think it's ok. But be careful because some tea can reduce iron in your blood .

Faith H 0 likes

Okay, we plan on eating a ton of veggies fruits n proteins, so there's going to be plenty of good nutrients. Just want to clean out our bodies and DH is on board. The tea is just an addition to lots of water w/various fruits infused.

Faith H 0 likes

I don't plan on stopping bf for a little while. My dr said it should be fine, but if I notice it effecting LO to stop the tea that you take before bed.

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