Is it okay to feed my breastfed baby formula until I get a bigger milk supply cause I have no milk in the fridge cause I only pump and I need to work on getting a lot so meanwhile I'm giving her the supplement Similac? Will she take my breast milk after she's had the formula for so long?

Mama B 2 likes

yes, it is okay. I did the same thing. The similac for supplementation is what I used also. it actually tastes the most like brestmilk, and it has prebiotics so it keeps them pooping like breastfed babies.

First Time Mom 0 1 like

Okay so she will still take my breast milk once I get some?

Mama B 4 likes

but also keep in mind, if you get your baby used to the bottle, she might not latch on. you should breastfeed her a little, then pump. and finish filling her up with formula until you start producing enough.

Idene P 2 likes

Every situation is different, but I wouldn't recommend you supplement as that will not help with increasing milk supply. I would stay EBF and after baby eats then pump for another 10 minutes. I had the same problem. But drink lots of water, buy fenugreek or blessed thistle & pump after baby eats. You will get a surplus within days

Ant O 0 likes

Didn't work for my boy-once I stopped bfing he opted for the bottle only.

Emily B 3 likes

She might not take it if she gets used to baby formula and artificial nipples. The best way to increase milk production is to nurse as often as baby will feed. I would talk with a lactation specialist first.

First Time Mom 0 0 likes

I tried to get her to latch yesterday she won't. I've been just pumping and putting it into bottles.

Mama B 2 likes

if she doesn't have enough to feed the baby though what does she do?? starve her? I didn't have enough and I was so against formula, my baby dropped way to much weight at the begining. My doctor told me to supplement with formula until I have enough. and he had to gain more weight.

Mercy W 1 like

Idene if she is not even producing enough to feed baby she would have no choice but to supplement because there isn't enough milk for baby yet. This is what I did sweetheart

Mama B 3 likes

and don't let people make you feel bad about giving your baby a little formula to fill her up!! I was a firm breastmilk only believer until I had no choice but to supplement, now I make enough milk to ebf. I hate when people do that shit though!!! you do what you have to do for your baby! keeping her fed and happy is the most important!! seriously don't let anyone shame you for what you are doing. They did that to me on here. Fuck them!! you knows what's best for your baby!!

First Time Mom 0 2 likes

Thank you :) this really helps me feel better about it!

R S 1 like

I agree she may not take it each child is different, mine was born with low sugar in blood so they had to bottle feed her while they were still patching me (c section) I was almost unable to nurse, took weeks of hard and frustrating work The deal is they can like how easy it flows from a bottle and not latch and work for it from the breast Are you preparing your supply for something? (Medical emergency, work etc) i never pumped and ebf for 18 months

First Time Mom 0 1 like

No I just normally have a supply in he fridge ready for the next day but it's gone I have nothing and need to have something so I'm just trying to build it up

R S 2 likes

Talk to a lactation consultant. At the end we got her to latch by pouring drops of the formula on my breast and she would Nurse for a minute or so and repeat until she nursed at least 15 or 20 minutes each side, we did that for days!!! It was exhausting but at the end she was able to nurse fine. My consultant told me to specifically not bottle feed her and was very nice working with me all 3 days I was in the hospital

Idene P 0 likes

@mercy true, if this is just something that just started & the baby hasn't lost weight, she may just be doing something that is not good for her/baby. depending on how old the baby is BF babies don't consume as much as formula fed babies.

Idene P 1 like

A woman's body is miraculous we will produce what the baby needs. If she wants a surplus than pumping after every meal will help increase BM. Some may need to supplement but if baby hasn't lost weight than there is no need to supplement especially if she hasn't spoken to her Provider or lactation consultant.

Idene P 0 likes

At first time mom 0514- reading your post it looks like you want to build a supply of milk, not that you don't have enough milk. I think people are confusing my advice as making you feel bad, which I'm not. Every momma is different. I'm just speaking from experience which is what this forum is for. GL with whatever decision you make. But I had the same problem and all I did to increase supply for the fridge was what I recommended above.

Idene P 1 like

Also breastfeed topless and the baby to feed naked too. That also helps.

C B 3 likes

Yes its ok but try to get ur baby to latch on that can increase ur milk supply

Emily B 1 like

Hudson's mama did anything of what I said suggest she was a bad mom or shouldn't feed her baby? No. I answered her question. If she has to supplement she has to supplement but she asked if baby will go back to the breast and the answer is maybe, maybe not and that she should talk to a lactation consultant. Nobody here is trying to make her feel bad.

Caitie G 1 like

I have the exact issue with my supply.I've been drinking Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, tons of water, nursing, pumping, and eating alot. And still nothing has helped. My LO eats a minimum of 4oz each feeding, so there's no possible way I will ever have enough for him. In order to keep from starving him I've been supplementing with Similac since day 1. And I'm happy to say he's a happy healthy 3 week old! It doesn't matter if they're formula fed or BF or both - as long as they're growing :)

Marianne M 1 like

If you supplement this early, your supply will take a hit. Your baby is much more efficient than the pump so LO's nipple stimulation and full drainage will really help your supply the most. If you supplement, then be sure you ADD it to your breastfeeding routine, not replace breastfeeding. If lo is still having mostly breastmilk you'll prob be ok. You don't need a huge stockpile. You can keep up with pumping after nursing and when lo sleeps longer stretches, pump then.

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If it is decreasing that much and that fast talk to your ob, maybe your birth control has something to do with it I was on the mini pill fyi. Like I said I never pumped or took any supplements or teas or anything and had plenty of milk to ebf for 18 months, baby and body do regulate to what you need, so maybe the problem is something else

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