Is it ok to take a detox when your BF? Like the detox kits you can buy to clean out intestines, gut, body in general?

Alyssa G 2 likes

What you ingest, little one will ingest to a degree. Just like when you eat foods that make you gassy, it will make them gassy as well. I think it would lead to tummy troubles for your little one- it will "clean them out" just as it will you. And that's not needed for your little one! Your milk is the absolute perfect nutrition.

Mr. And Mrs. C 1 like

I wouldnt do that. Too risky.

Jane S 0 likes

Yup not yet until you stop breastfeeding,

Jamie C 1 like

No personal experience but I have heard this asked before and everyone answers no because the toxins can be desecrated into the breast milk.

Liz C 2 likes

Absolutely not! Not safe. Detox can also strip you of healthy nutrients that would be lacking in your breast milk therefore depriving baby. 😁

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