Is it safe to smoke marijuana while pregnant? I am 11 weeks pregnant today! But my morning sickness and anxiety is still pretty bad and I don't want to take Xanax because that I know isn't safe. I'm afraid to ask my doc because I don't want her to think I'm a druggie smoking to get high. I will not jeapordize my baby so I was hoping I could find an answer here. Thanks!

Abby E 2 likes

Hi I smoked a little in the beginning to help with morning sickness with both of my pregnancies in my opinion it's ok

Sara S 1 like

Id just ask your doctor for something to help you with your morning sickness and anxiety. I would never smoke Anything while pregnant. That being said I'm a strong advocate against marijuana, with the exception of medical purposes for people with diseases causes crippling pain.

New M 3 likes

I would not smoke that crap being pregnant! It slows the development of vital organs on your baby's body (heart,brain) yet it is perfectly ok to discuss you concerns with your doctor! They have the legal obligation to keep what you tell them confidential.

Katie B 3 likes

No. Plain and simple. It's 9 months. Tough it out.

Katy A 0 likes

Smoking isn't safe during pregnancy, regardless of whether it's cigarettes or marijuana. Sorry. :( You could always ask your doctor about ingesting marijuana through vapor or in food.

Erika E 0 likes

I personally would not but I had a friend who's dr told her it was ok if it was a little amout in a vaporizer

Erin B 1 like

Your doc can give you a medicine to take if it's really bad. I'm not against smoking weed. I don't care if people do it. I just don't think it's good while pregnant.

Pt M 0 likes

Thank you guys as I said I would NEVER endanger my baby. I have that condition where my nausea is multiplied by 10 and my doc is getting worried because I'm not keeping food down so I was just wondering if it would help me eat. Thank you!

Hannah M 2 likes

My mom told me to smoke because i was in the same boat.. I never did though because i didnt want it to hurt my baby... I drank a lot of chocolate milk and tums. Also eating with a fan or AC blowing on or very near me helped so much!!! Good luck!!

Erin J 1 like

I would your OBGYN there's safer things they can give you for both the nausea and the me I've been there.

Katy A 2 likes

Do you mean hyperemesis gravidarum? I had that too. Buy Sea Bands at Walgreens, they're wristbands with balls on your pressure points to relieve nausea. Also, eat tiny meals all throughout the day and suck on candy/mints pretty much constantly. If all else fails, ask your doctor for Zofran/Odansetron. If you do use meds take a stool softener daily as well!!! I lost ten pounds one week & went to the hospital for fluids many times, so I feel your pain.

Ally B 0 likes

Doctor can give you medicine that is safe to take for nausea. By smoking you can cause birth defects that you will have to pay for for the rest of your and your baby's lives. Choose your battles.

Katy A 9 likes

You ladies don't need to be rude; she was asking if it was safe, not saying she is going to do it regardless. Now that she knows it isn't safe, how about offering advice and support?

Angela C 0 likes

There is a RX called Zofran that I had to take for my morning sickness. As for the anxiety I do know there are anti-anxiety drugs that are safe for pregnant women. I would try those and hope for the best. If your already 11 weeks you don't have much longer before the feeling sick SHOULD go away.

Savannah H 1 like

I had horrible nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. I lost a total of 20lbs during pregnancy and only gained back 14 of it! I didn't smoke but one of my friends did and her doc told her it was ok. I took zofran almost the entire pregnancy. IMO smoking is less dangerous than prescriptions during pregnancy. Talk to your doctor and see what he/she says.

Kayla 1 like

I honestly wouldn't during pregnancy but that's me. I have known people that did sometimes during pregnancy and their babies were fine. As for me, I had bad morning sickness. I used the sea bands mentioned that hit the pressure points, chewed the ginger gum made by the same company, the pregnancy pops (suckers for nausea), and put on zofran. My doctor also had me mix sprite and Gatorade together to drink when I couldn't hold a lot of food down.

Rosanna V 0 likes

Not safe, same effect as smoking a cigarettes while pregnant

Breezie T 1 like

I have heard of some moms smoking weed to help with the sick feeling and just so they could eat . It's hard to find weed that had been laced with other stuff. That's one thing you would have to think about also . And you could try Therapeutic oils I did that and it helps .

Bradi H 1 like

I have 2 friends who had the same problem and they talked to their doctor and both doctors said if that's honestly the only thing that helps you can do it just not very often. Weed does NOT have the same effects as cigarettes, I learned that in my A&P class. I think as long as you do it to

Bradi H 1 like

help you and not as a recreational deal you'll be fine. Whenever I get freaked out about anything I just remind myself that 50 years ago our grandmas were chain smoking cigs, drinkin alcohol, and breathing in lead based paint lol I think you're fine. Don't let everyone freak you out. Times have changed and people don't seem to remember how pregnancies were back in the day, most people turned out just fine (:

mommy k 1 like

if you actually take time to research the research you will find that smoking has negative effects when mothers smoke a pack or more a day of cigarettes. there's some very interesting research about marijuana use while pregnant as well. it has not been concluded to be dangerous, most times it was beneficial. I would be way more worried about taking a man made pill than a natural herb.

Tayler P 0 likes

I have a friend who occasionally smoked weed while she was pregnant and her baby was born healthy

Mommy Again 0 likes

My husbands momma did the whole time she was pregnant with him, now (21 yrs later) he has trouble mentally and does not read and comprehend well. He swears it didn't do anything but I wouldn't. I know meds are scary while pregnant but I'd ask your OBGYN about them

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