Is it ok to give my 3 month old cereal?

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You should always talk to his/her family doctor first, I was actually told to start my kids at 3 months but I know some doctors who suggest to wait until 6 months and if you are going to start now do it in very small portions and make it with breast milk or water (DO NOT use cows milk!!!!)

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My doctor didn't allow my daughter to have cereal until 4 months. And I think most baby food besides formula is mark as 4months+. But I would ask your child's doctor.

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It's beat to ask your ped first, but if you start so tsp for ever ounce of water that's why I give my 3month since he has acid reflex and he haven't had any problems so far

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Its really 6 months. Just ask the Peditrician 1st. It might be ok to add to her milk so he/she will sleep better

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I wouldn't but that is my opinion we started solids at 6 months

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Make sure your LO is ready for spoon feedings. Cereal is made for spoons not bottles. Most pediatrician a recommend at least 4 months.

Jayna Rissa C 1 like

Yeah! As long as you start if off being watery. Her tummy may not be fully ready for a thicker consistency so start small and watch her/his behavior and bowels for any signs of discomfort or diarrhea etc. All babies are forsure ready at 6mo and that's why that's the guideline. But for generations, mothers have given their children rice and oats at a young age. Look for his/her ques. You're his/her mother. You know her/him best!

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They say it's best to wait until four months

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Just add it to her milk since she's not ready for solids yet

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yes its ok my peditrician told me to give my one month old cereal but do oatmeal instead of rice so she wont get constipaton

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I tried oatmeal with my LO when she was about 5 months old and she gagged quiet a bit and that scared me so I quit giving it to her.

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Ask your pediatrician. Most advice now says to wait until at least six months.

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I started cereal at 4 months. And I didn't put it in a bottle.

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No - well not unless your 3month old is sitting unassisted and the dr has recommended it

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I gave my LO cereal in his formula, not enough to make it thick but enough that he was full and he was 4 months. No issues

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I started giving mine at 3 months. It was really thin and in a bottle and only at night. I found he slept twice as long

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I was told 4 months if need you need to. Talk to your dr and make sure it's ok before you do it. :)

Betty F 1 like

Personally I wouldn't I know a lot of people do, but pediatricians recommend to wait till they are 6 months because there digestive system isn't ready for it and if you give it to soon it can affect them later

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Babies do not need anything but BM/formula for the first 12 mos. giving them cereal can really cause some long term problems. It's best to wait.

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Google it. But I wouldn't give it to them that young. They don't need it.

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I started my son on solids at 4 months. And I went straight to the cereal with formula and added a little fruit. He was hungry but didn't want a bottle so I gave him the solids. But make sure your little one is ready for spoons. Keep it watery so he/she can digest it.

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The AAP recommends that you wait until baby is 6 months old or older before offering any solids including baby cereal. Breastmilk/formula is all baby needs until 12 months old. "Food before One is Just For Fun!" Starting solids too early can lead to allergies and other issues later in life.

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Yes my son got it at 2 months till now for acid reflux in his bottles. I wouldn't spoon feed yet though.

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I started around tht time bc he was showing the signs he was ready (watching me eat, not sticking his tongue out wen u touch his mouth) and bc he wasn't gaining enough weight. It depends on the baby. They r all different ☺️

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Ask your family doctor. Every child is different. I see this debate a lot on Twitter and you need to understand that every child has different needs and YOU and your doctor would know best as to what is right for your child. I started my kids at 3 months with given advice from my family doctor :)

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I did baby cereal and baby food at 3 1/2 months. My doctor said it was okay. But only give her it 2-3 times a day. And to get 24oz of milk in her each day. I do just that. My daughter does great with it. Everyone is so much more happier in my house. Got her on a good sleeping schedule.

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Talk to dr first but check out babycenter.cim for more info. The American pediatric association says to not feed baby cereal or purée until they can sit up on their own or reach 6months. This is so they can sit properly in a high chair so they don't choke or get ear infection from improper swallowing. :)

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