Is it normal to experience hair loss after pregnancy?

Brittany M 3 likes

Very !!

C B 2 likes


Evie 2 likes

Big time! It'll stop around 5 months.

Mommy Of O 3 likes

I'm so scared of this! 😩

Liz B 2 likes

Yes! I always have to cut my hair after the baby is born. It helps to have short hair.

Stefanie H 2 likes

My baby is 7 months and it's still falling out really bad

Valarie C 0 likes

Oooo yes I lost lots after I had my boys it's from wacky hormones but it gets better after a while😊

Lyla H 2 likes

Omg yes. :( Continuing to take your prenatals will help though.

JVP 1 like

Yes! Can last a year. Mine stopped at 9 months. Now I have this hair line growing back in! It look awful!! Lol.

JVP 1 like

It's because of ur estrogen levels dropping!

Diana F 2 likes

Omg very normal my hair is soooooo annoying. I find it every where, even in my baby's diaper-.- lol

C B 0 likes

My hair fell out before anyways because it's pretty long, so I didn't notice when one morning I woke up with super cute sideburns. Lol

Katie A 0 likes

Definitely! My last through 6 months pp

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