Is it normal I don’t know how long I want to breastfeed for? Right now she's only 3 months, I know I don’t want to go passed a year though.

KRM 1 like

I'm not going passed a year. Neither my baby or me is attached to it, so I'm just doing it until she can start cows milk!

Kits M 3 likes

Its good to not put time pressure on yourself. I wanted to breast feed a year and I started having struggle producing enough around 7m. I was way too hard on myself because I was so fixated on this ‘must breast feed for a whole year thing’ but in the end doing a combo of formula and what I could pump was best for me and the baby. So play it by ear. Your doing great

Thalias Mommy 1 like

I had a time line as well of at least a year but she didn't latch well and i never produced enough milk for her at like a week i had to stop and move to formula so no big deal whatever you decide to do

Magillicudy M 1 like

Just do it for as long as comfortably can. Don't worry about timelines.

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