Is it bad that I want to go out every weekend for 1 night? Should I just stay home or get out? Tonight my moms friend is having a bonfire, I don't feel comfortable bringing a 3 month old. Her dad said he will watch her, we're separated right now but still living together.

JVP 3 likes

I wish I can go out one night a weekend! Lol. If you can go for it!!! U need a break!

Heaven V 2 likes

If they offer then go just tell him to call you if he needs backup

Null N 0 likes

Do you think I'm a bad mom? And why don't yall go out?

Katie M 1 like

Yea I try to go out once a week so my hubby or mom can put baby to bed it's good for the baby and you to have a little time apart😊


I wish I could just go out once a month without the baby lol

Mommy O 1 like

Moms need breaks to! You are not a bad mom for wanting to get out once a week! I go out not once a week because I don't have a babysitter all the time but if I did I would!!

Kai 1 1 like

You aren't a bad mom. Everyone needs a break. Ur just asking for one night a week, that's nothing. Go have fun πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜‹πŸ’™

Andrea C 1 like

Go out please I wish I could go out once every week .Enjoy yourself you need some time off anyway

Ashley E 1 like

If I could afford it I would eventually so and I would like to each take one night a week to ourselves whether that's going out or just going to bed lol or I will prolly make some diaper cakes!!!

Null N 0 likes

I probably won't once a week but I have lately, the first time was like my 21st my mom took me out, the second time was with my friend and tonight I want to go to a bonfire. I usually bring her but I know there's some situations where I know she probably shouldn't come. Lol.

Danie M 1 like

You're not a bad mom, you deserve a break.. Go for it

Null N 0 likes

Oh Ashley, I never pay lol. I wish a made money being a stay at home mom!!

Bri β 1 like

I go out and my hubby watches the LO.. I'm with her all day, I need a break too.. I don't go clubbing,but I get my nails done, shop, have coffee/ lunch with friends.. We both understand we need alone time and family time.. Our relationship is great cause if that..

Sherry J 1 like

I try and get a night out with husband at least once a month. I always have a hard time leaving but once I'm away I'm so glad I went. Take the time for yourself when you can!!!!πŸ˜€

Jennifer W 1 like

I go out when I can but not once a a rule. I always put my son to sleep and leave him with my sister and I'm back before mid night and I never get drunk so I can be good for the next day.

Jacquelyn D 1 like

You should go!

Melissa B 1 like

Go for it ! I got my nails done yesterday during the day and my mom watched him - last weekend my s0 watched him and gave me money to go out which is was so nice and unexpected - I do find it hard to leave ..constantly through the night I was thinking about my LO and how much I miss him -but we need breaks to !!

JDM ! 1 like

Based on your previous posts and his behavior do you feel comfortable leaving your LO?

Null N 0 likes

JDM, as long as he isn't drinking. And I'm right down the street.

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