Is it bad my 3 month old sleeps in the bed with me??? I can't sleep well without her next to me... She's well protected I just worry she won't sleep in crib when it's time ...

Keyonna N 2 likes

I slept with my LO since I've brought him home , I don't think he feels secure with me not there

Coryn P 5 likes

Not bad at all! And some parents co sleep until their child decided he/she wants to be in their own bed.

Jenny T 2 likes

My baby been sleeping with me since the day i got her home from the hospital. She is now 4 months old. I am a single parent so having my baby next to me sleeping is not a big problem, just make sure dont lying to close to the baby to prevent rolling over her, and tuck her well.

Kimberly F 2 likes

I do the same thing. He is 7 months going on 8 months. I am tying to train him to his crib now. His crib is right next to my bed. I didn't start using his crib until he was able to sit up. I did have problems with him being in his crib when he was first born because he was breasted. I had to use a boppy to make him stay but I wasn't any use because he would wake up like every 45 minutes to eat so I just kept him in the bed.

Dominican Y 2 likes

She will suffer not you

Dominican Y 2 likes

Of course she is only 3 months

Jenna S 5 likes

Do it asap! My son is almost a year and will not sleep in his own bed! I really regret ever letting him sleep with us πŸ˜”

T C 2 likes

Honestly I am all about my space and I rarely co slept with my LO she always slept in a bassinet or her vibrating chair. But do what you feel comfortable with! It will probably be a lot harder for them to fall asleep in the crib when they get older but every kid is different. So do what makes you comfortable

Kaitlin J 3 likes

Car side her crib. It'll work well for both of you!

Chelsea S 4 likes

I wouldnt let the baby sleep with you, you can alternate it. One week in bed with you and one in his crib! My baby sleeps in both now because i did that :)

Kimberly H 4 likes

It's a personal choice really, I did it with my first, and holding him and having him by me was the best ever!! Then it came time to put him in his own room. That was hell. I never did it again with my last 4. They go to bed on their own and it's great, yes I do miss the cuddling, but its better for them to be able to put them self to sleep!!

Ashley B 3 likes

I was the same way. I miss him now that he's in his room. My SO is a dangerous sleeper is the only reason he's in there. I've had a busted nose and lip bc of him (accident of course)

Erica S 4 likes

I did that with my first born.. N it was hard to get him out.. But my second bAby never slept n bed with me I can't do that to my self again

Desi L 2 likes

My baby slept in bed with me for 6 months. I got scared I was gonna drop him eventually so I just started putting him in his crib. Now he falls asleep on his own(he's 11 months)

Jennifer D 2 likes

Our son slept next to us for 17 months :)! It took about a week to get him in his own room crib, I slept on the floor that duration. At 23 months he's in a platform twinsize bed. I of course have to put in time, to make the transition easier for him but I wouldn't change it for the world! He definitely has a strong attachment to both me and my husband.

Mercedes R 2 likes

It's not bad but it will be hard for you to switch him/her to their own bed

Mimi S 2 likes

I don't want to be a downer but it's very unsafe to sleep with baby in the bed with you due to possible suffocation. It's been known to happen quite often. By all means do what you think is best just be very careful. Congrats on your new baby ! :)

Victoria D 2 likes

Dd sleeps next to me. Much easier to hear her when she wakes up to eat.

Dawn T 2 likes

I do the same but once she's asleep asleep I try to let her have some time in her pack and play beside the couch which is now my bed lol since I've had her

Stacy 1 like

Well we have a only one bedroom so she's gonna be with me regardless

Jules M 2 likes

I co sleep with my 7 month old! I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything. My hubby and I love going to bed with all of us together. When it's time I'll put in the work to get him in his own bed. I don't know when that will be tho:) everyone has a different experience you really just have to do what feels best for your family. Just make sure you are practicing safe co sleeping, baby's head up by yours, no blankets that can cover him etc...Happy sleeping!

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