Is cooking with a crockpot easy? It seems so difficult to me. My mother has an extra one she wants to give me. But I've never used one before so I'm a little hesitant. Is it easy to get the hang of? Or am I going to burn the first few meals? Haha! 😊

Autumn 1 like

Take it! It's so easy! Search Pinterest for easy crockpot meals. It's a lifesaver!

Amanda L 1 like

So easy!!!! Perfect for beginners and advanced too. I use mine at least twice a week for stews, steel oats, veggie and chicken/fish dishes. I'm obsessed with mine. Major time saver too.

Brie A 1 like

Soooooo easy!!!!!!!!!! I am a terrible cook and even I can do it😁😁😁😁

Cristine C 1 like

I'm glad someone asked this question. Mine was just sitting and collecting dirt. This has given me the courage to give it a try lol

Cassie H 1 like

So easy! I love mine!!

,....... . 1 like

Follow me lol I just bought a crockpot recipe book and I am posting recipes

Chelsea A 1 like

So easy!

Creative M 1 like

They are great and very easy to use! There's tons of recipes you can use in them. They are so convenient. You can throw stuff in them in the am and it's ready for dinner!!

Out N 1 like

So easy you just dump ingredients in then leave it

Sami 1 like

The easiest cooking ever!!! Put something in it in the morning on low and it'll be perfect by dinner time!!!! Try chicken tenders with Italian dressing on low all day and then cook some rice!!!

Jaxons M 1 like

So easy! I get my recipes off of pintrest! It is FANTASTIC!

Lisa M 1 like

Sooo easy!!!

Shannon S 1 like

Definitely easy. I make my ham in there and my roast. Just put the stuff in (usually carrots, potatoes, other veggies, and juice or pop) and turn it on for 4 hours and it's ready. I love my crock pot.

Lindsay T 2 likes

Not only is it super easy but the sell crock pot liners that make clean up a no brainier!!!

Ally B 1 like

Almost impossible to burn anything! Not only easy (throw all ingredients in and that's it) but also delicious. Meats turn out super tender.

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