Is circumcising a good choice ?

Out N 1 like

It's A personal choice. In my opinion no we do not circumcise

Ronnie R 3 likes

I have a few reasons why I do. The fact they could need one at any point in life and it would be a much bigger ordeal being the main one. At the end of the day though it's your choice.

O & C's M 2 likes

I think it is!

Amanda O 1 like

We would if we had a son

Stephanie B 4 likes

Yes to prevent infections. Better off getting it done as a baby bc they will not remember it!

Samantha J 1 like

If I had a son I would

Nata C 1 like

It's Your choice to make. I believe that we have specific body parts for a reason. My son is not circumcised

Kailey M 4 likes

Both of my boys are I have found it to be easier. And IMO we really don't know as women what its like with or without one. Much less having a penis at all So I let my SO make the choice 🤷🏼‍♀️

Christie M 2 likes

My son isn't circumcised. He's almost 5 and never had any issues whatsoever.

Hi T 1 like

We wouldn't if we had a son. The foreskin is on the penis for a reason. It helps with natural lubrication and protection from irritation etc just for examples

Mel Marie 1 like

It's Not necessary And a lot of why people think It's A good idea is false. I would do a lot research Before you decide. I personally didn’t and do agree w/ it

Mak3 W 2 likes

Both my sons aren't. Neither are all the boys in my family. Personal choice. If they want it done as adults I would pay for it.

Jessica D 0 likes

Both of my boys are. Done at 1 day old.

Cristine C 0 likes

MamaWright3 Wrig I love that you'd pay for it, for them. I would do the same even if they were 50 lol

Jenna I 0 likes

I didn't really have an opinion but my son’s dad insisted on it since he had his done at 13 and it apparently was not pleasant

Felicia S 0 likes

Y oldest sons father isn't circumcised So I left the chioce up to him and he decided to get him circumcised so then I also got my youngest diffent sad done as week since he brother was

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