Is anyone experiencing hip discomfort postpartum? I have constant pain while walking on my right hip that was not present during or before pregnancy. I'm annoyed with it because it discourages me from exercising. Although exercise will probably hell in the long run. 3mo/EBF

Kyla H 1 like

I have a lot of joint pains that I didn't have before or during pregnancy. My daughter is thirteen months old now and I'm still getting bad pains in most of my joints.

Tina C 2 likes

I just had my baby 10 days ago An feeling different pains/discomfort in my hips mostly my right but on occasion my left as well Don't know what it means either (My sister had her son a year ago she said the same thing for her right hip)

Mama Of Princess 2 likes

Yup almost 5 months pp and still have horrible hip pain 👎

Mari B 2 likes

I would highly recommend you see a chiropractor that specializes in maternity/postpartum. It has been a year and a half and I'm still working through strengthening my hips and back. The worst of it is behind me but I'm still working on getting to 100%.

Lori A 2 likes

A chiropractor will help you! You will feel so much better!!

Elizabeth . 1 like

It's been a year myself and my right hip still hurts when I get up suddenly. I have to limp the pain off. I recently posted about this, it seems common. Dr said it's from laying on my right side during pregnancy and from always carrying my daughter on my right side. Sucks. 😬

Betty K 2 likes

I've had some pain in the back and hip. I honestly think it's the sitting and positioning from breastfeeding..

Kathryn J 1 like

Thank you, ladies. I will see what my insurance covers!

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