Advice: πŸ˜• My LO was on regular similac advanced and had horrible has pains and screaming. He then was changed to infamil Prosobee (soy). I'm supplementing I can't keep up w/his feedings. He is still colicky, gas, projectile vomiting, spitting up bad even on soy. His doctor keeps brushing it off-recommending gas drop etc..Nothing helps! I want to try alimentum but he wants a allergy panel done before he even lets him try the formula. He's 9 weeks old. Do I need a new doctor?This is not normal! πŸ‘ΊπŸ”₯

Sofie D 4 likes

Just change it yourself! My daughter is on alimentum, soy made horribly constipated!

Brenda M 1 like

Had the same problem and Alimentum worked WONDERS for my daughter !! She loved it and she was the best baby once I finally found that formula, I started her on that as 1 month old and kept her on it till 6,7 months then switched

Rebecca A 2 likes

Switch it yourself and in the meantime get a second opinion.

Isabella's Momma 1 like

U can totally switch to Alimentum!! My daughter drinks it and it's great! It's just like the other formula just the milk protein is broken down. U can totally try it!! Soy is usually too much for a child who has a milk's strange I know lol but Alimentum is the way to go!

Taylorrr(: 1 like

My LO was the exact same way from birth till 3 months. We had to take him to a tummy specialist the only way to get him to hold anything down was to add cereal. Everyone tells you not to but the specialist said it will not hurt him it's just going to make him gain weight quicker than usual. We tried every formula possible and nothing worked so we just stuck with the Similac advance. But after a few days of adding the cereal he was a totally happy baby.

Erika C 2 likes

start looking for a new doctor. They shouldn't dismiss things this important. Follow your gut mama, you don't need immediate approval from a doctor. You know what is and isn't working. I know it's scary but It helped me. 2 doctors, 5 formulas, 3 prescriptions & 2 fillers later my daughter was diagnosed with severe acid reflux(extremely similar symptoms) and had to be tested for organ damage because she had it for so long untreated.

Taylorrr(: 1 like

But cereal can cause constipation. It hasn't for our LO but it's possible and occasionally he still has a wet burp but no projectile vomit anymore. We have to add a scoop of cereal for every scoop of formula.

Jenny O 1 like

If you want me to email you to talk just let me know. I've gone through something similar. My LO is 8 months now.

Kate P 1 like

My dd was the same except the vomiting..we tried the alumentum no luck and had to do nutromigin good luck

Ronnie R 1 like

Maybe try enfamil AR that's for spit up and someone told me it had cereal in it to help it stay down. I would switch though to whatever formula you want anyways and also either find a new doctor or get a second opinion yes

Miranda H 1 like

Just switch the formula yourself. You don't need your doctors permission to do that. Follow your gut. Most allergy docs are not going to do allergy testing on a kiddo that young anyways. Most allergy testing won't be done until the child is 2 years old. (I'm a pedi nurse)

Penny W 1 like

I had similar issues with my 10 week old whom started colicky symptoms at 3 weeks. We were feeding Similiac Advance, then switched to Similiac Sensitive but had success with Gerber Soothe. I researched on web Md and discovered the probiotic in Gerber soothe decreased crying time significantly. It definitely helped with her gas but not necessarily her random crying. Now She has stopped her fussy symptoms at 8 weeks but we have kept her on it anyway.

Isabella M 1 like

Try Nutramigen.

immortelle 1 like

Just switch yourself, our Lo has been on enfamil newborn since birth but it upsets her tummy and gives her horrible gas. We tried to switch her to similac advanced a while back but she broke out into a rash. We are now attempting to switch her to Gerber. She seems to be doing well on it. Still gassy but nowhere as bad as before. She also seems like a diff baby on Gerber :) more happy

T W 1 like

Go see a GI doctor ASAP!!! My son did the same thing and ped did the same too except wouldn't do a panel and just said "he's ok" we switched peds too. Until you see a GI go to your pharmacy and either get Neocate. Gradually introduce it. Like one scoop mixed in then half and half then completely Neocate. It's expensive. Like $50 a can. You also need to cut dairy out of your diet if you are breastfeeding. If you can get to a GI they can write a script for it&insurance will help pay

Christina R 1 like

My email is Jenny OπŸ‘

Lori A 2 likes

I say follow your mommy instincts and switch to Alimentum. That's what we are on with no problems.

Mary S 1 like

We switched to Alimentum all the while trying to convince our doctor to let us switch. After 1 month he told us try Alimentum. My son had already been on it. Go with your instincts and seek another doctor. Our doctor wouldn't even prescribe zantac we had to see another doctor who agreed our LO had reflux.

Ellyn P 2 likes

Sounds like an intolerance. My son was j tolerant of milk and soy. He saw a gastroenterologist and is now on Elecare formula and doing great! Sounds exactly the same

Christina R 0 likes

Thanks everyone for your help. It's just so annoying that this is the 5th visit for the same problem and all he told me was to try gas drops? And probiotic drops? And he didn't switch his formula. I'm not happy with the doctor. He told me come back next week if it didn't help. I've been trying these things for months! Today was a total waste of 3 hours.

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