I really wanted to get my daughters ears pierced but my husband is strongly against it :( I just wanted to know other mommies opinions if they would, wouldn't, did ? And if so how old and if they did , did it ever cause any problems/ infection or irritation ??

Leticia M 1 like

When my daughter was three months the soon the better she won't feel it as much if you do it later on. She will cry for a second. They only way it can get infective is if you don't clean it the right way and X amount of times thy tell you to. Good luck

Vanessa B 1 like

When I was pregnant I wanted to get her ears done at 3 months and my husband was okay with this. Now I'm not sure if I want to actually do it but he still does...

Chelsea R 3 likes

I couldn't do my daughters when she was a baby I was too scared lol I waited until she was old enough to ask. She ended up hating them and wanted them out. Both my nieces got theirs done at just a couple months old and there's are just fine :) no infections or irritation :)

Chrissy A 2 likes

My daughter was three months and she is nine now. We haven't ever had any issues with them at all. She cried for like a min when I did it, but that was it.

Ashlee C 2 likes

We wanted to wait until our daughter could ask..I personally just never saw a reason in doing it as a baby

Nathalie G 1 like

Our daughter's were done at 9mo, it's a traditional thing to do in my hubby's Latin American culture. I waiting till then because I wasn't sure about the maintenance, cleaning etc at her age, also I couldn't find a place who would do it before 6 mo. (I had mine pierced at 2mo) Turns out it wasn't too much trouble even though at 9mo she was discovering her ears and touching them A LOT! No infections and very little crying at the time.

Jodie K 1 like

My daughter was 3.5 yrs old and I bought expensive one Clair's had

Caitlin S 2 likes

I got my daughters done at 2 months old and the same day as her shots. She didn't even realized what happened ( was more upset about holding her head still for the marker) they did them at the same time too which is awesome.

Crystal H 1 like

I originally wanted to do my LOs but then time passed and now I wouldn't because she touches her ears and stuff and would just pull on them I'm sure if they were irritated. Now she can wait until she's older.

Amy S 1 like

I got both my daughters ear done before they were both a year old. Never had a problem with them. They are 12&10 now and wear earring all the time. Good Luck!!

Dorean A 1 like

If you wait too long they pull their ears because they notice something is there.

Lissette R 1 like

My oldest that is now 12 got her ear pierced at 1 1/2 months old. I was upset because the lady that pierced her ears did it without my authorization. But she never got an infection from it. I am glad she was ok.

Marissa L 1 like

Mine was 6 months when we pierced her ears. No problems at all. It's really a personal choice. My LO is 15 months and she wears little gold hoops. At first I was worried about it getting hooked on something or she'd pull on them; but none of those ever happened...

Kris L 1 like

My oldest got hers pierced when she was like 3 months she was perfectly fine

Jenn S 2 likes

I never asked permission from my husband. I just went and had it done. I gave birth to the kids not him! My oldest is now almost 13 she hates earrings, my 9 year old is double pierced.

Caroline W 1 like

I'm in favor of waiting until it's requested. Some girls might not be into earrings. Why hyper-feminize? That's my opinion-wait.

Em L 1 like

Both my daughters got them done when they were 3 months, they only cried for a few seconds and that was it, i think I was more affected then they were. No infections no nothing, I'm glad I got them done at a early age.

Heather D 1 like

The earlier the better- they heal faster! And they older they get the more likely they are to mess with/ pull on the ears after. We did 8 months, they pierced and she cried for two seconds until we could give her a juice bottle! She hushed right up =)

Sara 1 like

I'm not doing my daughter's. Personally don't want to have to deal with the cleaning at her age (almost 3) with everything else. I didn't have mine done until I was old enough to take care of them myself... I think the responsibility was good for me.

Sara 1 like

You could always do stick on for now!

Flor S 1 like

My daughter was 10 days old whe she got her ears pierced and she did just fine! It was actually really good because she didn't cry that much and she doesn't pick at them as much, Just make sure you do get a good pair of earrings. Oh and my hubby was totally fine with that he just didn't want to watch LOL

Jessica W 1 like

I personally won't do it until my LO is old enough to know it hurts and she still wants to do it

Kris B 2 likes

I waited till my daughter asked for them, in my opinion, it's her ears and she should have the say if she wants holes in them...

** Desiree * 1 like

I just got my 9 month old daughters pierced last week! I debated it since she was 6 mths old and finally got the guts to do it lol. WaS FINE! She didn't react to the first ear and only cried for about 15 seconds after the second ear. No infections so far.. 10 days in. In my opinion I would do it after their 6 month needles and before 9 months as I have noticed my daughter touching her ears more and more since 8 months old ... Have fun!! ; )

Angie F 1 like

I got my daughter at 2 weeks old my husband was against it at 1st but the smaller they are the less pain they will feel. And if they're smaller they use the earring itself to pierce the ear rather than a gun

Michelle S 1 like

My daughter was 3 mobths. Went very quick. This is the best time bc they don't play w them.

J B 2 likes

When it comes to cosmetic issues like ear piercing, I'm against it. I feel like its her body and should be my daughters decision. When she's old enough to ask and take care of them herself is when she will get them pierced.

Mama M 3 likes

My husband and I decided not to pierce our daughter's ears. It's not necessary for her to go through that painful moment just to please us. We decided to let her make that decision herself

Carly H 1 like

We did it when my daughter was 2 1/2. I hadn't planned on doing it until she was older, but one of her little friends at church had some and she started asking, so I figured, might as well do it now when she's not afraid. She loved it and we've never had a problem!

Jessica'sMom 0 likes

I tried having my daughters ears pierced at 4 months and I was told that she needs to have her 4 month vaccines first before they can do it :) we came back when she was 10 months and had hers pierced at Clairs. The person doing it had 17 years of experience and it was quick for my LO. She only cried a little for a short while and she was good!

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