In raising awareness for #PostpartumDepression with SmartMom this month, our conversation has turned to identifying the symptoms. Comment below with links, tips, and share your experiences with us, so SmartMoms can seek help if needed. #smartmomsseekhelp #smartmomsgivehelp

Cali^Mom F 9 likes

Lack of interest in activities you previously enjoyed, fatigue, crying a lot over small things, not wanting to go out, avoiding conversations with friends and family.

MommyJ 5 likes

Having gone through ppd. I would say seek help from your Dr. ,family and friends. You will be surprised to see that they would love to help you. Be hopeful, be positive. Sleep when your baby sleeps. Take care of yourself.

Lex 7 likes

•Not feeling a connection with baby. •Crying all the time/over nothing •Pawning your child off to your SO so you can do nothing and sleep.

Kaytee Jo 6 likes

When I had my daughter I felt no connection to her which in turn made me feel like a failure as a mother. I was so terrified something would happen to this beautiful bundle of joy and I would be devastated so I wouldn't let myself connect. I retreated from everything in my life and spent all my time in bed not wanting to tend to myself or my daughter. We decided to talk to our doctor at the one week check up, but that was the hardest week of my life. I'm forever grateful I got help. 💕

Arica B 7 likes

Feeling home sick but you're home...

❤️Kaleb's M 6 likes

When I had it I had horrific thoughts about possibilities of how my baby could die and how I could die. Like HORRIBLE and vivid thoughts that made me question who I was. I worried all the time. I didn't care about anything. I would cry all the time.

Momma E 7 likes

I remember crying all the time after I had my son. I felt so different and not like myself. I couldn't eat and the only thing that gave me the slightest bit of happiness was looking at his beautiful face. I never got help for my PPD and now he's almost 4 and I still feel depressed a lot and uncomfortable as a mother. I don't think I ever got myself back. I hid my feelings, so anyone feeling this way tell your doctor as soon as possible and get help!

Joanna S 5 likes

I felt overwhelmed with everything, didn't wanna play with kids, had lack of energy, got Angry easy, screaming constantly at the kids. Getting mad over the little things. Felt like i wasnt a good parent,

Natashia:Cinderella 5 likes

Overwhelmed by the simplest things & waiting for life to feel normal again.

Claudia T 4 likes

Above all keep in mind not all PPD's are the same. I am suffering from it, sadly, but I love my baby and am complitely addicted to her. Hardly I can leave her!

Terri G 4 likes

With my first it was a form of post partum anxiety. I would get irritated at the tiniest things. I would yell at my loved ones. I even kicked the dishwasher once. That's when I knew I wasn't just tired and grumpy all the time and that type of behaviour just wasnt me. And with my second. (She's 5 months and I'm still struggling) I literally cry at everything, tv commercials, watching her sleep, when my son acts out, when I'm tired. Literally everything.

Evette V 4 likes

Trouble sleeping even though you are dead tired. Not sleeping a wink for 3 straight days. I have a graduate degree in Psychology, and I had a lot of trouble managing my post part in depression/anxiety. Reach out to people besides your husband/partner. Sometimes it takes someone outside to help and give you an honest perspective.

Luvn M 4 likes

No sleep, constant cleaning instead of interacting with kids or family. Try and talk to adults do something nice for someone in the grocery line it makes you feel good and the other person and you talk to someone. I have 3 beautiful babies and I take it one day at a time.

Marissa V 3 likes

After I had my first I experienced ppd. My SO didn't get to stay home long after I had her; he works out of town. Everytime he'd leave upstairs I would cry. Once he left I stopped eating and drinking so I lost my breastmilk which only made matters worse. New mommies or mommies to be; don't be afraid to ask for help! Stay strong and help eachother. Also remember it's ok to cry, your hormones are still leveling out after birth. -Get some sleep, eat well, and thrive. ❤

Lela B 2 likes

Feeling numb, overwhelmed, anxious, sad, pessimistic. There's no shame in getting medicated the moment you feel any of these symptoms. Obgyn can prescribe. You are going through a hormonal rollercoaster plus healing plus sleep deprivation and your newborn baby needs you on your toes. Zoloft made me feel like myself again and allowed me to heal (physically) with patience and handle my baby with a positive mind set (which is what I mean by "feel like myself")

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