I'm very upset!! My 2days old baby is sleeping more than 5 hours a day!! And it's making it harder for me to breastfeed her!! I'm so heart broken!! What should I do!?

Caitlyn S 9 likes

She's sleeping too much ? I'm confused . That age she should pretty much sleep the entire day

Cara F 1 like

As long as she's gaining weight, I wouldn't worry. You can go into a lactation consultant and have them weigh her and as long as she's having 6 wet diapers a day, then she getting enough to eat. Let her sleep! In the mean time...I would pump in between BF to make sure your supply doesn't go down too quickly.

M R 1 like

My baby used to do same thing I used to undress so he could wake up or I kept a wet clean piece of cloth and put in cheeks or forehead ...

Z's MOM❤️ 1 like

She doesn't want to wake up to eat !! I tried to breastfeed her today and she wouldn't even open her eyes ! She was doing fine till this afternoon!

Ruth A 4 likes

Babies go through growth spur some sooner some later if she/he is sleeping that much let her/him they need it If I was you I would pump to stack up and also for release And if you are really concerned about your lo sleeping sooo much call your pediatrician to be on the safe side

K R 9 likes

I personally was told to wake my breast fed baby up every two hours during the day to make sure they're gaining enough weight

Kristi H 5 likes

Wake her up to feed. Use a cool baby wipe to the back of the neck or ear. My son was the same way.

Z's MOM❤️ 3 likes

I'm still at the hospital! I had a csection! They are saying that it's normal! But I'm hoping she could be able to bf soon

Maggie F 4 likes

You should start pumping. Let her sleep, but pump every two - three hours if she's asleep to keep your supply going. Newborns sleep a lot. It won't always be like that, so get some sleep yourself and pump. If you're still at the hospital ask your nurse for a consultation with their lactation specialist. That person can give you lots of information and peace of mind.

K R 4 likes

I had a csection with mine too, just make sure you're skin to skin as much as possible, it helped me a lot!

Kristi H 3 likes

Normal? It's normal for a baby not to eat? I'm confused. Wake her up and lots of skin to skin. She needs to feed so your milk comes in.

Alycia M 3 likes

I agree I was told I HAD to wake my baby up every 2 hours! They have to eat, they're exhausted but the have to eat or they won't gain the weight

Brooke J 2 likes

That's totally normal. And newborns need a lot of sleep for their brains to develop. I was also told to wake my baby up in The hospital. But when I came home I never woke up to eat

Sheri M 2 likes

Wake her up and do what you have to to keep her awake so she eats. Tickle feet, take off some clothes, tickle under chin...

Ashley M 2 likes

She will come around. Enjoy the break & rest with her. My baby went through a phase where he wouldn't eat much & it freaked me out. Check up was good with the dr &. She said he'd come around & he did.

Kristy N 2 likes

My second son didn't eat all during the 2 days I was in the hospital. He was so sleepy! The nurses and doctor assured me he would be ok. He was just sleepy because of the meds they gave me during labor. They were right. Shortly after we got home the meds wore off and he would wake regularly to eat! If your really concerned you can give him and ounce or so of formula but I would wait it out if you really want to breast feed!

Lorena F 2 likes

Babies that little will sleep that much, I have a 3 week old and he still sleeps a lot. His pediatrician told me that I should not wake up the baby, even if it's to eat. She suggested that I pump the times I am not feeding the baby to keep my milk supply. Don't worry at that age they don't need much food. But if you are concern I would check with the babies doctor.

Lorena F 2 likes

Also if you took meds during labor he/she could be having those effects of the meds, which makes babies extra sleepy. Although that could be a controversial idea because I didn't have any meds and my baby was super sleepy lol.

Christal B 2 likes

I woke my LO up for the first couple days then she made it so difficult , not even a cold face cloth would wake her , doc told me she would let you know when she's hungry, she was doing feeding eery 4 hrs at 5 days old .... Been sleeping nights (12-15hrs) since 3 weeks cause I never woke her up if she didn't want to be . Growing perfectly and healthy as can be .

Z's MOM❤️ 2 likes

Thanks moms

Lauren M 2 likes

Babies do that when newborn. My son slept over 6 hours at a time at that age. You just have to keep stimulating them until they wake up.

Priscilla P 2 likes

Breastfeeding is tough. It can take weeks/months to get the hang of. Ask for help in the hospital and don't get discouraged!

Margaret S 2 likes

I had a c-section and they brought the baby or had someone come in every 2-3 hrs for me to feed the baby if he hadn't woken up yet. Get the baby on more, it will help your milk come in

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