I'm upset because my fiancé's family always gets together on every holiday. I think I'm somewhat jealous because my family isn't like that. Maybe that's why I hate going to his family gatherings, because my family never gathers therefore we never do anything with my family. It's always his. I'm not the biggest fan of his family. I like them, I definitely don't love them. I put up with them for sake of my relationship. I just wish we could start a few of our own family traditions.

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I'm from a big family, but it's getting so big, that my family is starting to do their own family things now. But, occasionally we get together with one of my sisters, or brothers at a time. And rarely, it's the whole family, cause all the grandkids go crazy! My husband's family is very small. We have the only grandchildren, so it's quieter. I actually like it better over there, lol!

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But, I understand the whole family tradition thing.

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I understand that can be difficult. Offer to host an event and talk to your husband about doing something special just with you and your kids

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