I'm trying to set up my LOs nursery as cheap as possible. I really wanted to have his name on the wall, but "Bentley" is a little pricey with wooden blocks. I was thinking I could buy the blocks and trace them on the wall, then paint the tracings and return the blocks back to the store. But is there any easier way?

Baby M 3 likes

Print the letters and use as stencils

Stacey S 2 likes

So many things we need for the babies come in the big boxes that are made of the heavy duty cardboard - you could use that instead of the wooden blocks

Maricarmen L 1 like

What about print each letter on a piece of paper, like 8.5" x 11" and then cut it out and trace that? It would be like a stencil.

Jenny < 1 like

Why don't you just go online and print the letter you need and the style you like and trace from those.. Or just buy construction paper and trace the letters onto there and use that instead of the wooden blocks..

Michelle W 1 like

Be artistic and draw it in pencil lightly until you get the look you want then darken and paint it the way you want when done 😊 look on Pinterest for painting ideas

Autumn B 1 like

Print off the computer, or if they have stencils at a craft store or get foam letters instead? I think printing it might be easiest and cheapest.

Claudia 0 likes

I didn't even think of that! Thank you ladies, I've had so much on my mind lately... ❤️❤️

NYT'S Mom 1 like

They sell Wall Art Alphabet stickers at Walmart, Wayfair, and Babies R Us for around $10

KAT P 1 like

Walmart! I did my sons. Bought them for like a dollar a piece and paint. It was a fun project!

Natalie D 1 like

Could try pull up Word on computer, enlarge a letter full page, print, cut out n trace onto wall then paint or see how much stencils r at craft store. Goodluck

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