I'm trying to lose 10-15 pounds by April. It's so hard to find time to exercise. I'm a stay at home mom and my husband works a lot, so I don't have anyone to watch my son. Any tips on what I can do or how to lose weight by April?

Happy M 1 like

Drink a lot of water and keep moving throughout the day

Karlie B 1 like

I had the same problem. I started using garcinia and hv lost 25lbs in 2 months

Olivia H 3 likes

That's definitely doable! I cut out all drunk besides water, occasional glass of milk and some fruit juice and green tea. I ate lots of tuna and baked chicken breast. Trail mix. Granola. Greek yogurt. I didn't eat anything sweet or junk at all. Strictly healthy. And I did occasional yoga. Walked about 2 miles 4 times a week. And random indoor exercises. I lost 20 pounds in 2 months.

Kristen B 2 likes

YouTube "bikini body mommy". Her workouts are free and short. Also, maybe find a beach body coach. I know one if you need one! They have great workout/eating programs that you do at home. Remember, diet is 80%!

Mallorie M 1 like

That and do baby wearing workouts. So easy.

Car P 1 like

Buy the Dvd insanity

Lindsey S 1 like

I Pinterest my excersices they take 10 mins which is just enough time during naps (that sometimes may not be that long) and being able to get other things done too. Drink lots of water, make sure your meals are portioned (again Pinterest/Google).

Maddie 1 like

No carbs! Start with eating first you will start to shed pounds, cut out any soda as well. Your lbs will start coming off, if you don't eat right exercising won't do anything.

Maca T 1 like

Yes! I'm doing the T25 workout and it is great!!! I started two weeks ago and already seeing results. The great thing about it besides that it works is that IT IS ONLY 25 MINUTES A DAY!!! I always do it in the morning when my baby sleeps. He is 10 weeks old, I'm a stay home mom, cook, clean and still have time to doing at any of my LO naps 😊. I like to do it in the morning cuz he sleeps longer but you can find the time that best works for you. Schedule and videos r online

Mommy To L 1 like

That work out with that lady autumn and her portion size dishes

Vanessa T 1 like

Try you tube. I did zumba at home when my LO was napping. I used to do a 15 minute video and I worked up a sweat. Even if you don't like zumba you definitely can find any type of exercise in there

Aprilbaby 1 like

Mommy to be is referring to 21 day fix j think which is also a beachbody workout program. 30 minutes a day. Doable at home and easy clean eating meal plans

Melissa H 1 like

I'm with you! I have T25 which works great, it's high intensity and quick, and I have a stationary bike. I try to do at least one each day for 25-30 mins, if not I'll take LO for a walk in the stroller for 25-30 mins. Diet is the most important thing, though! I'm great at being active but I lack self control when it comes to snacking! Lol.

Bozena P 1 like

You can also drink 1 tbs. Apple cider vinegar w/mother organic mixed w glass of water in am on empty stomach, you want feel hungry and it's good for you.

Jaxons M 0 likes

Do Zumba! It's fun and a work out!

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