I'm sure I'm not alone, but is anyone else having Mommy body image anxiety? I'm 29 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and I keep getting down about how I used to look before I became a Mom. I feel like I'm doomed to feel gross all the time. I've even been researching plastic surgery Mommy makeovers and their cost.

Cathy R 1 like

It is normal to have negative feelings about yourself while pregnant along with jealousy, anxiety, sadness, all sorts of perfecty explainable emotions, it's not really you it's that burst of hormones. Try to stay calm and know it's just a phase. It really is... And no important decisions about relationships and surgery after baby is born, maybe untill baby is around 4 mo. ❤️ Be strong, others probably see you radiant and beautiful as I'm sure you are.

Cat D 0 likes

There is nothing more sexy than a mom who is overly devoted to the needs of her child. Please don't give into societies view of what is really beautiful. Focus on your child and healthy eating/exercise. Mind over matter

Jayleen D 1 like

Yup I felt the exact same when pregnant. I have three kids now, oldest is 3 1/2, youngest is 7 months and I'm looking into prices as well. My husband said he loves me the way I am, I'm ok with myself for the most part. Lost pretty much all baby weight, but after I had my second my one Breast got way bigger than my other, never been like that before. So that has made me super self conscious. And my husband agreed that if I will feel better than we can spend the money on it.

Jayleen D 1 like

He just said he doesn't want people thinking he wanted me to change lol. Which I know isn't the case. But for me I really want to get it done so I feel better.

Melissa B 0 likes

I feel the same way about my body. I'm 4 months post pregnancy now.

Luz G 0 likes

I'm not judging or trying to sound negative, but I never understood that. I loved being pregnant and the feeling that went with it. Post pregnancy.. Meh! Lol but I embraced the bump and was proud of it. After you have the baby, just get back to your routine to get in whatever shape suits your needs :) just do it for you and not for what society thinks is beautiful :)

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I felt like that to a certain extent while I was pregnant.. And everyone kept saying it will be worth it, but at that time all you see is your body image changing and it feels overwhelming. It was until I held my little boy in my arms for the first time and realized the "bigger picture". There is so much more to life, and you should be proud that a woman's body can do such amazing things. I wouldn't change it for the world! You will be fine!

Krystal L 1 like

Wasn't *

Bethany W 1 like

My stomach is not the same as before I had my baby. However, I look at him and realize how I finally don't care about having a flat stomach. I do want to start eating healthier again. This "Ice cream every day" diet is probably not too healthy.

Amy M 1 like

I never felt that way while pregnant but 8 weeks post partum I feel disgusting. I have never been shy but now I won't even let my husband see me get dressed. Being a mom is the most important role I have, but I also want to be a good wife and if I feel insecure I close myself off from my husband. Bottom line: do whatever you need to do!

Jessica D 0 likes

While I was pregnant I didn't care I knew I was gona get big as all woman do because the little bundle of joy growing inside them, afterwards tho I felt gross and just all around unattractive my second baby I actually lost weight but still feel unattractive because of the pouch I have from two c-sections, my husband always reassures me that I'm beautiful and he loves me the way I am and to never change, my body has changed because I made a miracle and gave life to our children.

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I have learned to let the negative thoughts go because the only person I am out to please are my children and my husband and your kids love you no matter what u look like and hearing it from your significant other really helps as well, yes we all want to be super model figure for our husbands but they understand it's not gona happen after ur belly stretches and everything else. Ask your husband what he thinks and I'm sure it won't mAtter to him because you have him your LO

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I have 5 kids and after all of them I lost all my weight until I had the mirena which caused me to gain weight and age is a factor due to your metabolism slows down. Just remember children is a blessing and that is a price that our body pays.

Amber L 1 like

So normal. At that time I used to sit and cry about how I'm 'not sexy' anymore. During my pregnancy I gained close to 70lbs. Maybe more. (I stopped weighing myself!). Now 4 months postpartum I weigh less then I did when I got pregnant. Doesn't happen to everyone I know, but I feel pretty confident wearing my old clothes. It's hard to not feel like a house when you're super pregnant. But you'll feel better eventually. Remember it is sooo worth it!

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