I'm so frustrated today my daughter who is six tells me today that if she doesn't get what she wants that means I hate her! It only started this year at school and I've had enough. Not to mention she tells me I'm a bully because she had to follow household rules and she tells me it empties her bucket because I make her follow rules! Also started this year when they teach young kids how to respect one another. I need some opinions on what to do because I've tried my best to explain to her.

Chelsie M 0 likes

Also I should mention now she just screams at me and has a fit when I ask her to put her school things away after school. It's very frustrating because She cries over small things I've tried talking to her and listening to what she has to say but nothin helps she heard something she doesn't want to her she screams you hate me and your mean to me. I always assure her I don't hate her. I'm at a loss on what to do.

Krista M 1 like

Have you tried to explain that you do not HATE her, you LOVE her and that's why you are trying to bring her up to a respectful, kind, clean, helpful, generous young woman, and that you are teaching her these things in order for her to value herself and be able to provide for herself and not need to depend on anyone else? I know she's young but I'm sure she may get a basic understanding if what your saying. She seems like a very bright young girl! :)

MAMA B 1 like

Just keep doing what yor doing!!! School teaches them a lot right!! Sometimes good and sometimes bad! My daughter is 5 and she just started school, she's going through the same thing but we have a reward chart that seems to be working, she does chores and follows rules she gets an award at the end of the week. Maybe try talking to her about this and see if it's something she wAnts to do it will help her and you

Chelsie M 2 likes

Yes I have done all of this she is in grade 2 this year and just a complete 360 from how she was a month ago. I have explained to her about me not hating her that I love her and the rules and chores that I have for them all are so they grow up being respectful, grateful and responsible. But this has continued on I am calling the coordinates to the program and asking if they can see what's going in as well.

Stephanie S 2 likes

Chelsie, I feel your pain & frustration. My daughter who is 17 with severe behavior issues, treats me the same way. She has since she was 6 . She's been diagnosed with just about everything under the sun. I apologize, I don't have the answers cause I haven't found any in my own situation. But I just wanted you to know that your not alone. And please feel free to contact me with any concerns or if you just need to vent. Hoping you find help while she's still young. Take care & God bless.

Chrissy A 2 likes

My daughter did this and often there is an attitude adjustment when school begins. I just don't allow that kind of talk, she gets punished for it and I explain why her talking like that isn't allowed. After the storm we both sit and talk about it.

Moraima S 0 likes

I agree with Mandy when my oldest started school we stopped getting her lil gifts and made a reward chart for school grades and chores and told her that from that time on she had to earn things and it worked great. Made her very happy to see her chart full of stickers and whenever it got close to her goal she would get super excited. Maybe you should try that and tell her that everyone at home has a responsibility and thats the way you all earn rewards.

Virginia L 0 likes

Keep in mind second grade is when school becomes a lot more demanding and not as much fun. She is probably very tired when she gets home. Also, try to talk with her teacher your daughter may find school more stressful then you know and she is letting her frustration out when she gets home. Be firm and consistent with her and stick with an after school routine.

Nicole S 0 likes

I'm thrilled to know I am not alone. My 5 year old is very sweet and then VERY ugly and nasty. We are using a magnetic chart by Melissa & Doug. It has easy to difficult chores and responsibilities. It works most of the time. Consistency is key

Chelsie M 0 likes

I have done this will al three if the older children. We do not buy special gifts unless earned with stickers or points. She had completely refused to do the chores listed and most of what's listed is behavioral goals for herself. This has not worked so far we have done this through the summer and she did just fine. It's when she started with the bullying/respect classes she's just getting worse her attitude included. She refuses because she feels rules/chores are apart of bullying.

Chelsie M 0 likes

If she gets what she wants when she wants it that is the only time she is fine. I've also tried talking with her personally and listened to what she's had to say. She told me this morning from her own mouth that I'm a bully if I don't give her what she wants. With the charts the kids have the choice such as what restaurant they want to eat at what family movie they want to watch or a certain place or places they want to go. Even with choices that benefit them she refuses to change her ways.

Nicole Z 0 likes

I'd keep it simple. "I know u think its mean to have rules but rules keep u safe" and if u cant follow them then u will have cosequences. And bullies do things that are really mean to people. I take care of you and love u, so im not a bully, im your mother. If you cรณdigo -

Moraima S 0 likes

Wow I wonder what exactly they are teaching them at school! You're not the only mom with this situation and it always goes back to what they are teaching them at school. You should look into that. I wouldn't give her anything she wants until she learns to be respectful of the rules at home and most of all you. This might sound harsh but I would make her see how her attitude towards you is also bullying. Good luck I hope things get better.

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