I'm seven months pregnant with my first baby. My husband of three years is in the military. Yesterday he told me that he never loved me but the idea of me. Like I know things have been rough. I've really tried and I'm to the point where I hate my life and I'm so sad I cry every day. Now I'm to the point where I know I have to be strong for my baby boy and I'm realizing that I may have to do this all alone. Any other moms who've been in similar circumstances? Any advice?

Zara J 3 likes

I am sorry to say but your husband has no heart he does not understands what emotions a pregnant women goes through. You should never hate yourself or your life which is way precious because of another little life inside you. All I would say is think and focus on your baby and stay strong. Remember nothing stands as important as your baby and you !!

S.mama 2 likes

Holy cow faith I'm so sorry to hear he said that to you. What does that even mean ???? Listen you will Get Through this and yea it looks like you lol be parenting on your own but you can do it. So many women do. πŸ™ praying to give you strength hunni

Amelia L 0 likes

Faith I so sorry to hear that. Forget him for the moment and focus on you and your little one. My husband and I were in the middle of his immigration process. I kept getting sick the whole 6 months I was in Tonga and had to come back to the states. I found out I was almost 2 months pregnant. I went through the whole pregnancy and the 1st 4 months alone. It was the hardest thing in my life. It's not easy but you'll get through it. You never know how strong you are till you have to be.

Rebecca P 2 likes

Praying for you ! I'm a single mommy too it's tough sometimes but mannnnn your problems go away when you look at your little one seriously he will change you in the best way as mine did for me I promise ! I'd give him the boot πŸšͺ

Aaren G 0 likes

Faith I'm so sorry to hear this 😣 just try to do what you can to focus on your unborn baby. Do things for him set up the nursery, wash his clothes, etc. Once you have that little man in your life everything will change. Your husband may even turn around once he meets this little human. Do what you can to stray strong and keep your mind off of it. Praying for you πŸ’ž

Jill N 2 likes

I am so so sorry for what is going on, but the day you meet that precious child, every person that made you cry or hurt your feelings won't matter to you. And you will have the strength mama. You will give your all without any hesitation because you are a mama now. Once your baby arrives, you will change trust me love, I've been there. I swear I never gained strength like I have now and I have definitely changed for the better. No man can bring me down. I hope things get better for you!

Mama B 0 likes

Jill is absolutely right! Once that baby is born, no body will even come close to how much your baby means to you! My cousin is a single mother and she always says that she is happier that way. She gets to do things her way, without anyone breathing down her back. She just worries about her son and herself and she couldn't be happier. I know you are hurt, and your husband is definatly a piece of shit for hurting you! We are always her if you need us!!

Caitlin V 1 like

I'm so sorry he's enough of an a**hat to say that to you. But you are strong and if you have to do this alone, you can. I know this isn't on your mind but if you guys separate, he will have to pay alimony and child support and the military is actually really strict about him doing that so he can't get out of it as long as he's in the service. So you won't be struggling totally from scratch. Just keep focusing on baby and you will get through this Sending you tons of good wishes.

Itsgreattohave_ F 0 likes

Thanks ladies. The last few weeks I've felt like a ghost just floating through life not really living. @caitlin - my husband decided to get out of the service. He gets out in November right before baby is due. I'm living with my mom right now idk where he will live but not with me! It's really a disaster. I've been so stressed and I even told him why are you being mean? Why do you push me away? He makes me wish I had someone who loved me and cared for me the way a spouse should.

Allison H 1 like

Unfortunately, some of us kiss a few frogs before finding our Prince Charming. When I was pregnant with my first, I realized that my then-husband was verbally, mentally, and emotionally abusing me. I knew I couldn't bring a baby into that life. I left once my daughter was born, moved in with my mom, and while it definitely wasn't easy, I got through it. One day at a time. I had to be strong for my daughter. (Continued below...)

Allison H 1 like

(Continued...) I'm now happily remarried to the right guy, who adores me and my daughter from my 1st marriage, and together, we have a 2 yo and another one due in a few weeks. I couldn't be happier. Hang in there no matter what. You will get through this. Things may be tough, but you're tougher. And wonderful things await you and your child. Good luck!

Penny P 1 like

I have been s single mamma since I found out I was pregnant and I wouldn't have it any other way :) I don't wanna share anyway 😁😎

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