I'm pretty sure my son caught lice from one of the kids at the park (my little sister got it from there also) he is 8 months old, you think I could use the lice treatment kit on him?

MommyOf4? ? 1 like

Shave his head! He's little best to do it now and he's a boy so it's easier than dealing with a girl and lice... The treatment is too strong for him

Keli H 1 like

I'd call his dr to make sure just in case.

BoyMom 0 likes

I agree with Bianca I'd shave his head.

Jenn S 0 likes

You can always call the pediatrician and ask.

Christin T 1 like

His pediatrician said mayonnaise? I've never heard of it before but I'd rather try that than shave his little head.

Lauren P 1 like

My fiancé also swears by mayonnaise lol

,....... . 1 like

Mayonnaise is what I was gonna suggest until I read the comments lol. Just make sure you go buy the comb at least to loosen and little eggs.

Emilie W 0 likes

When it's gone I would start using tea tree oil. They have it in a kid spray at ulta just spray a little in the hair

Christin T 1 like

Okay I put the mayo on and combed in through about 50 times and kept cleaning off the comb you think I should wash now? He don't have that much hair lol

Tonya H 0 likes

I think you leave it on for a bit. Max half hour. But it allows the mayo to smother anything living.

Ashley M 0 likes

My mom put mayo in our hair with like a bag on our head and blew dryed it so it warned up we never got it but she did that to hope we didn't get it ! He's a boy id shave his head

Ashley M 0 likes

Lol I said mayo before I read comments it works :)

Christin T 0 likes

I'm not even sure he had it I'm just being cautious where he's been around his aunt and the kids at the park

Christin T 0 likes

But after this I'll get my grandma to check his head good she's a beautician she can spot it better than me lol

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