I'm pregnant n due May 5th. I told my moms n boyfriend that I didn't want to have a huge baby shower. The list is 120 so far 😳 It's become a circus! Am I wrong? especially in mid April because it would be stressful for me. Plus I don't see the point. My mom bought me the baby crib already n I have a few neat bouncy n sleeping gifts for the baby. I would rather buy what ever else I need n relax that last month. Help???!!

Mommy M 0 likes

I guess that would be a good change for you! You won't be doing anything but relaxing and enjoying all attention..and being pampered by everyone..☺️ Why don't you change (or ask them to )it to march?

Danie M 0 likes

Woah, I'm kinda jealous lol.. I get how you feel though.. I sat the whole time at my baby shower

Angelita P 1 like

I had a small baby shower. Under 20 people. & I felt like my house was a circus. So I feel your pain. You need to have a talk with them if you feel like it's going to overwhelm you. If they want to get you gifts that's great but they should just drop them off & then go bye bye. They have to understand you want to enjoy that piece & quiet before it's gone the next 18 years lol & you shouldn't have to buy anything that's why you have family & friends there for you (: good luck!

Isela R 0 likes

The more ppl the more gifts relax don't stress and let the family take care of it πŸ‘

Elyse S 0 likes

I agree with you that seems way over the top. That's like a wedding guest list! Personally I would be very uncomfortable with all those people and bring that pregnant. I would talk to your family and say it's too much. They should understand.

Lorraine G 1 like

Enjoy it I'm sure all those 120 people being invited love you and are thrilled for you both.. Trust me having two kids things get very expensive when adding it all up enjoy it.. And have fun with the registry

immortelle 0 likes

Can they bump it up? It's actually good to have more ppl come Bcs baby stuff is so expensive and it racks up pretty fast but I get what you mean about wanting to relax! I would say just let it be since it only happens once and is just one day! Think about how many ppl luv your bb as much as you already do and your bb isn't out yet!

Sam B 0 likes

OMG I'm jealous you know how much stuff you will get u would be set and not have to buy anything

Jilly M 0 likes

I said the same thing since the crib and all of the big essentials were given to me but now I'm left getting all of the smaller essentials that are really starting to add up! Enjoy either way let it be your day I honestly think that if I would have had one I would have been very happy. It's always nice having a party just for you!

Megan D 0 likes

My boyfriends mom did a baby shower for me with about 30 people I didn't know! I felt super awkward and overwhelmed at times but that's great for you! You'll probably get everything you need for the baby and more!

Celeste P 0 likes

It shouldn't be too stressful if someone is doing it for you. I'd sit back and enjoy all the attention. Plus baby stuff adds up fast. You'll receive things that you may not know you needed too, or stuff that slipped your mind. You should mention a diaper raffle to the person setting it up. That way you'll be set on diapers and wipes for a while. That stuffs expensive.

Roxanne I 0 likes

I would just embrace it! It's all to celebrate the life that's growing inside you.. To top it off, you won't need to spend much money on baby essentials. πŸ‘Ά

M. S 1 like

I feel super uncomfortable sitting in front of a million people opening presents, plus we didn't want every baby gadget under the sun (we're a less is more minimalist couple) and we didn't know the gender so I didn't want everything yellow and green! I had a wedding shower I didn't want, so I was firm about no baby shower. Those who wanted to brought gifts when they met baby for the first time! Way better in my opinion.. You don't have to do something just because it's "the norm"!

Nikki 0 likes

Do it! It's about celebrating your baby!!!! I hated baby showers until I had my own. The gifts were awesome but it doesn't compare to how happy and special you feel, and the best is seeing how happy your mom will be πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

Ksquaredmommy 0 likes

You need to accept whatever you can get for free! That sounds greedy but you really don't realize how much you need for a baby til they're here and you don't have it. And, whatever you don't need take back and get diapers and wipes. Or... Specifically say you just want a "diaper shower". That's what I did with my twins cause we had essentials already and they're 3 months and still have diapers that'll probably last til their 6 months and we only had about 25 people at ours

Caroline B 0 likes

That's a lot of people!!!! But I am sure they all love you and the baby :)! I'm sure it will be fun!!!

Katie B 0 likes

If you needed to, you could only ask for diapers and clothes. That's what we did at my shower. I have yet to buy diapers or clothes and my son is 4 months. Just let people know what you need, especially clothes for 0-3, 3-6 months since they grow so fast!

Nicole C 0 likes

Take the gifts. You will be glad.

Trista B 0 likes

Look at it this way, you probably won't have to spend any of your own money on anything for the baby for awhile! I had around 70 people and we got so much stuff! Quick tip: make sure you tell people you want diapers and wipes also! You could try a raffle if you'd like something like that. Every person that brings a thing of diapers or wipes is entered into a raffle to win a bigger prize than normal door prizes! We did a big throw blanket and a set of lotion/spray/body wash!

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